Next we have a child and tell Rajeshwari that he cannot force me to do anything for him. After that Vikrant asks Nandani to leave before he notices Rajeshwari. But Rajeshwari notices him Kiya turns to Nani and tells her not to come wearing a new dress and also says that she should not forget that she belongs to a quiet family.

We then see that Rajeshwari says that she has got admission for Vikram in the best donating college and that she should take her career seriously instead of thinking about chilling with her friends.

She then says that she hopes that Veer will understand her things and will do as she is told. Then she goes from there, Veer tells Rajeshwari to listen to Vikram for this purpose because he only gives her good We are talking about such things only.

Then we see what is said that it is very nice to hear such a compliment and Rani gets a list of the work she studies and Rani is very surprised to see the same budget in the kitchen and gets very angry later. Piku asks Rani about her dream whether she starts working as a servant or not.