The next morning, Anu awakens Samar. Baa strolls in and says she is having extreme knee torment. Baa inquires as to for what reason did she dance last evening. Baa says is there any good reason why she wouldn’t move on her grandson’s birthday. Baa strolls to her and insults. Kinjal gets her supervisor’s assemble that she has a customer conference at 10 p.m. Anu says Kinjal buckles down. Kinjal says even she does. Anu says she doesn’t have a supervisor over her head. Bapuji says they generally regard ladies as a mother, girl, sister and should regard her even as a functioning lady. Kavya strolls down.

Kinjal requests that she handle the customer show today. Kavya insults that she knows to deal with customer well as she worked under Vanraj previously, then, at that point with him, and presently without him and saas bahu together will break even this arrangement like prior bargain and will get motivators and advancement. Vanraj strolls in straightaway and sits on baloon. Everybody snicker hearing inflatable burst. Kavya shouts what is amusing in that. They all giggle more stronger.

Vanraj reveals to Bapuji that he will share Bapuji and Anu’s bistro business thought with his companion today. Kavya snickers out noisily and says he took a twelfth pass Anu’s assistance and insults Kinjal to take Anu for customer meeting. Vanraj requests that she give her thoughts then as he needs to develop his cafeteria business. She says she will yet not today as she has customer meeting. He recommends her to see customer’s face more than show slides as she does same missteps consistently and flops over and over. Kavya gets humiliated hearing that.

Anu energetically serves prasad to Baa and Bapuji and says she has uplifting news for them. Dholakia reprimands Kavya for her mix-up in show and says she ought to sit at home like her significant other. Vanraj’s companion educates him that he may need to close the cafeteria. Anu genuinely illuminates that her dance institute is prepared.