In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Vanraj’s father becomes conscious, then he is angry, sitting next to his father, only then he weeps and tells his father that I will fight you if you do this from the beginning. Then his father says that if you cry now, I will kill you.

Then her mother comes there too and she tells her husband that it does not go when we are lying in bed, that you are still thinking of a joke, then Anupama brings some medicines and she tells Sister When she gives it, she asks Babuji’s condition, then he says that I am all right and she says that now you will not even go near the cream roll.

So he says that I will name him that I will stop and both of them start joking when they see all this and Raj, then he tells Anupama that you are getting the joke here Babuji Hospital is there because of you. He must have fed something like this and Babuji will be taken care of only then Leela gets angry and she tells her son that this time the mistake is not of daughter-in-law but of son when he was ill.

Where were you then when he was brought to the hospital, where were you and where was you sitting all night, then where were you then your weight was not given. Did you tell me earlier that you were not in the office, then where you were It is said that here the matter is Anupama, then she says that because of Anupama, your Babuji is alive today.

She says that we saw her calling at office and everywhere but you have no idea and your phone switch is coming off and Kavya was once coming off the phone switch, what is this all about when her mother goes to Anupama And she thanks him and says that if you were not there at night, then you do not know what happens then Anupama says that she is my babuji too.

There is no need to say thank you. On this side let us see that when everyone comes home, then the ceremony says that this time we will prepare for Diwali in a very good way for Babuji, then Leela says that Ballu in the hospital and My daughter is there is no need to worry in that pit, everyone in the house gets involved in work, only then you see that Kenjal comes out with a car and makes Anupama proud.

Then her breath says that she is calling you, then she says that yes I want to learn the car, then if the pigs go out to Kinjal while they are running out of summer, then they are telling the silent angel that you stop supporting this mother If the mother can not learn all this, then she further asks why can’t she learn? Is there any book written that the housewife cannot learn to drive?

There is no age to learn. On the other hand, you see that when Balraj finds out that Anupama wants to learn a car, he also stops her. Wonder today says that you do not learn the car, you have no other excuse to roam. So you have thought that Babuji is in the hospital and you have to move, then his mother-in-law also says what are you doing all this and how do you talk to my son, if he has told you anything then you have to tell him Should be forgotten then Anupama says that I am not trying to do anything with anyone.

Then her mother says that the work of women is to bend and the husbands love to bend the women, then she says that if the door of the heart is small then one does not have to bend then you speak again If my son is not heard from, then she says that I am not trying to tell anyone nor am trying to get ahead of anyone, I am doing all this for Babuji. I do not know what happened to us last night, but you were here only when Babuji fell ill, there were no men in the house and we were women. None of us knew how to drive a car. Whatever I have done till date, I have done it with your blessings and even today with your blessings, I will do it if you feel that I am doing it wrong, then I am going I want to stay and stay.

So you can stop and if you say I will stop then Anupama goes there and goes out to Kanjar to learn the car, then only then I am saying that I do not have to learn the car, then there Anupama goes there and It is said that now I will learn the car only when he says that father and grandmother have given you permission, then he says that I had asked my mother and he did not say yes but did not say either.

Only then, who says that he asked Papa, he says that I did not ask, I told him that I am learning the car, then Kinjal catches him the key and tells Anupama that you should sit on the seat then Anupama’s car Starts driving and goes there, etc. and I also get ready to go to office with a car.