Today you will see that Anupama is praying to God, then she tells Samar that she has completed all her work. Siram sees that Anupama sees that the place is perfect. And Samar tells Anupama that he has come there before time.

Obama recounts his past when the school principal scolded him for not coming on time. We then see that Samar gave Anupama the ankles of Payal. It is from a ceremony that I got it from my grandmother, after which I thanked Anupam and said that she has become very happy to see Payal’s valleys.

She then tells Samar all the moments of her childhood. Then Samar further asks Anupama to start the day by dancing for her lap. Next we see that Vanraj is looking for his manager and he struggles to find him as well. After that Gaya does not call her and asks her to get ready to sit quickly.

Then we see that Muniraj tells that he has not been able to find his manager and has found a couple. He tells Kavya that this Anupama is not needed at all. After that we see that now on the video call Kavya Mandal tells today that the socks of both have been separated then Manraj looks for Anupama. Then we see that she is dancing Anupama and Summer also made her video Balraj opens the door in Balraj and he stops Anupama from dancing.

Then we see that Manraj has asked to go out of Samar’s room, Samar stops there and he does not leave the room and Anupama Mund tells Samar to go out, Raj tells Samar that Samar says that he is ignoring as he was making noise. Today we see that Summer walks out of the room Mahajan tells the society that she cannot bear a dance at home. Then Anupama says that this dance can happen for you but for me it is a prayer and I will not stop it and says that you too do not try to stop it.

Next we see that Manraj walks towards the house. Laila asks him why he is not taking his tiffon, Manraj makes some excuse, and after this, the cheerful Gundaraj asks him to appoint a doctor for regular checkup, after which Manraj leaves. Jolly then stops her from stopping Anupama and Manraj.

Yours we see that Samar has represented Anupama. Then we see that Anupama shows Samar to the broken anklet Samaran Bhamashah says that she does not dance your anklet. So he encourages her and Anupama gets very nervous while reading online, where the children leave and later we see that Anupama shares with Samar that it is not possible for her to teach online students.

But Samar expresses his faith in Anupama that no work in the world is difficult, just that the time has to be done with the true intention and that work will be completed, in the same way he is motivating his mother.

Hey we see that Muniraj is watching Anupama dancing, Kavya suggests to tell Raj about his relationship with Jolly and Leela and then Manraj also agrees.