In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown Samar tells his mother that you have to live for yourself, what father did to you is not worth calling.

So Anupama says that when a woman forgets everything and moves on, she has to leave everything behind, but I cannot leave my family and children. I want to be with them. Two summers say that you will forgive them. So Anupama does that if there was a mistake, she would forgive but it is a fraud.

How can I forgive this and Samar says that whatever decision you make, remember that I am with you always, then she says that I know, Samar says that Toshi Bhai hid you for what he hid from you. If you feel bad, Anupama says that why you, your uncle and Nandini have also hidden all this from me. When the time hears this, he is shocked, he goes straight to Nandini.

Nandini is coming from there and Gajra is in her hand, Samar knocks her down from the football and Nandini is angry at him, then Samar tells him why you did this in the midst of poetry and Shah I knew about the relationship but you did not tell me. Friendship is not only for keeping up with friends, then Nandini is trying to talk to me that she tried to tell him but she is emotional so she Could not tell but Summer listened to him and without telling him that now you and my family have no relation with my mother.

Do not even try to go close to my mother and it goes away saying that on the other side her friend comes to Anupama’s house, after staying there for some time she starts going and says that Anupama I am going out and If I come back after some time, her breath says that you are together because if you ever come again, she says that no, I will come back only then Babuji also says here son, you come here after working and all the time comes there and Tells your mother that you too go away with Maasi and the family members give permission that yes.

You also go away, you will get something different, as before, she says that who will handle the housework and all, and she also says who will cook food and tea for the angry, till then Vanraj comes and he She says that now even Vanraj has come, you ask me, the mother says that you bring water for her, if she does not bring it, Pakhi says that I bring the rest to her father, the mother says that I am with you Ready to go

If I come to change clothes now, his mother says that if he takes today’s permission, then his father-in-law says that now everyone has to take permission, for every work, I would leave him there and change clothes and go out. Hai goes to her friend and they tell her that you stop coming to our house. I know girls like you who know about leaving their house and think about breaking the house of others. Then there is no difference between me and Kavya, but there is a difference.

I have had enough but she is not even divorced and she is having an affair with another man, she is advanced than me till then Anupama goes there and Anupama says with her style that let’s go there. It still happens today and he tells her where you are going and by when you will come back, you know that I did not allow anyone to go out till this night. Anupama turns back and answers that you are entitled to ask everything You have lost and do not worry about the matter coming and the family’s family.

I am alive in my family and when I want to, I will come and as soon as I say I sit in the car and leave with her Manraj is turning red in anger from behind Anupama with her friend singing this cream there She goes and tells her there 20 30 minutes with her. After some time she starts returning for the house. When Anupama comes home, the angry person was sitting at the gate and he tells Anupama that you have got time to come home. Do not forget that you are in this house because of me and now that you have crossed the limit, for this you go to your friend, you are flying very much on the strength of your friend, she closes the door and remembers Vanraj Whenever Raj had taken him out of the house many times before, and Anupama also remembers the same.

Then Anupama speaks angrily that you open the door. She says this twice and then says that if you want to do the show, then the same will be right, but only then will Baba make me come in the hall and Vanraj is scared to see this. Goes and opens the door of the house and the Shah’s board which is being made on his door falls down and picks up Anupama and gives it to her hand and goes straight in. Manraj is very angry. This is how today’s episode ends.

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