The present scene begins with Kavya reviewing her minutes with Vanraj. She cries considering Vanraj. There, Nandini requests that Samar drop the commitment. She says Vanraj, Anupama and Kavya’s life is interwoven.

Nandini adds they can’t do their commitment overlooking them. Samar says to welcome grin on Vanraj and Anupama they ought not drop the commitment.

Here, Leela chats with God and requests that he quit being obstinate. She tallies she petitions him day by day and wouldn’t he be able to stop Vanraj and Anupama’s separation. Leela cries before God. Kinjal asks Leela not to grievance to God as it is Anupama’s choice.

Opposite side, Samar imparts to Nandini that now he doesn’t need Anupama and Vanraj’s separation. He adds pondering Vanraj and says it is the first run through Vanrja is showing veritable worry towards Anupama. Nandini stands stunned hearing Samar. Samar says thanks to Nandini for continually supporting him.

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Somewhere else, Pakhi’s wristband breaks. Leela asks Pakhi not to stress. Pakhi inquires as to whether nothing can occur. Leela says Anupama isn’t prepared to alter her perspective. She advises to Pakhi that she has called Anupama’s mom, who is making a decent attempt to contact them. Anupama come and catches Leela. She offers back rub to Leela.

Pakhi and kinjal deals with Anupama. Cart also deal with Leela. Samar enlightens to Shah’s concerning Hasmuk’s call. Hasmuk grievance to Leela about letting him be and getting a charge out of at resort. He requests that Shah’s keep Anupama cheerful. Vanraj come.

Nandini yells and Shah’s run towards her. In the then, Kinjal learns her dad isn’t well and requests that Dolly illuminate Shah’s that she earnestly needs to run. Cart requests that Kinjal go. Vanraj, Anupama and others gets stunned learning Kavya endeavored self destruction.

Anupama and Vanraj gets strained. Leela requests that Anupama give salt water to Kavya. Vanrja requests that Samar call a specialist. Specialist advises to Shah’s that Kavya needs a treatment. Nandini sobs for Kavya. Cart requests that Nandini quiet herself.

Afterward, Paritosh visit Shah’s. Anupama gets glad seeing Paritosh. Paritosh stands stunned learning Kavya endeavored self destruction. Specialist treats Kavya. Opposite side, Anupama stand up to Vanraj. She asks Vanraj what he said to Kavya. Vanrja advised to Kavya that he won’t separate from Anupama.

Back to the real world; Anupama unravels Vanraj just said something to Kavya. She cautions Vanraj and advises to him that she won’t allow him to double-cross Kavya.

Kavya recaptures her cognizance. Vanraj and Anupama visit Kavya alongside Shah’s. Kavya won’t converse with Vanraj. Specialist says he will not allow anybody to do self destruction. Anupama slaps Kavya for making outrageous stride of taking her life.

Cart can’t help thinking about why Anupama is so worried about Kavya. Leela says Anupama is extraordinary. Anupama lashes out at Kavya for ending it all for not getting love. Vanraj and Shah’s stands stunned. (