In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that Anupama goes to Samar’s room, then she says that I know that my son can do anything and he will definitely do his work even if it is a small work. No step should move forward only then Samar says that mother too you should teach dance to children in dance classes, because everyone requests for Indian dance that if they are to be taught, then she says don’t tell me to Nandni It will not happen when Samar hears Nandini’s name,

I get angry with him, then Anupama explains to her that Nandani is also doing what I am doing because the truth is very heavy and a person who loves someone, He does not want to give her any grief that Nandini has done. Good friends and good people meet very fortunate and Nandini is both because she left her real aunt and she supported me and the good person is identified as the right person.

After some time you see that Samar reaches Nandni’s house and Nandini is very upset and dancing If it happens, Samar also starts dancing with her, Samar apologizes to her and Nandini also starts apologizing to them, both of them are put to sleep and she hugs each other when Nandni says that I have given my friend a lot Missed you very much, then after some time the phone comes on the other side, I see that when I go in,

I see that why do you come in crying, then she says that my son said that till today it is not right She gets tea and also says that she only let you stay, I do the phone, says where are you, you say that you did not go out, I was told by fat brother that we are going out, so I I am not surprised to hear this when she tells us that you go out, I will work and only then she comes there and I tell her why you are doing something and you should do something because this house is mine and After me,

Anupama takes food for Manraj after some time, even then she starts to ask whom did you call Jhilmil here, Anupama says that maybe your memory It has become weak Babu ji had already given the payment of Jhilmil till December, then he says that December is also coming after that. How will you give, you are not able to do anything, what can you do other than cooking, then Anupama says that I can do a lot,

only then you see that I was angry and heard her a lot and goes from there with tiffin. Anupam goes to the kitchen and she says that I do not know what I can do and I will show it by doing this now. When he comes, he is very angry and he seems to think that I am my Attitude will show, but I am not that the office is just me, it is only then that I do not think that Anupama asks you whether you have done the work you said or not,

then she says that you can talk Do not cut my answer, then he says that I know what my wife can do when she will do such a drama in 4 days, then Kavya will stand there and only then Finishing says both you and I did not have breakfast, so first we have breakfast. When Vanraj opens the tiffon, the paper is empty and a letter comes out of it and the episode ends there. The episode ends there. go

In tomorrow’s episode, you will be shown Kimanraj tells Anupama that mother Kali and I are going to get married very soon, then Anupama says that you have to get married before Shiva’s wedding or go later and marry the same day. You get married too, but you must keep that marriage well and while saying this, she also says that if you want to lie ahead, then speak it very thoughtfully and Vanraj gets shocked on hearing this.