Anupama 9 October 2020 written Update

In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that preparations are going on for Anupama’s house Anupama and Manraj’s 25th anniversary, when you see that Kavya and Nandini come to Anupama’s house when Jabba sees Kavya, she says that someone Reputation is reduced by going home again and again, she is saying all this while narrating to Kavya, then Kavya goes to Anupama’s mother-in-law and apologizes with her first hand and then you see that the sister’s mother She goes near and says sorry to him as well, then forgives him emotionally.

Let’s see that in some time there is a happy atmosphere in the house. He starts playing a game, you see that he imposes from jail and Everyone starts walking around him and the one who sits in the face first joins the day and the one who is left is out of the game when you see that the family members of the heavy house are out. It is only then that Nandani Kavya Anupama on the last moment and she goes, then only when you see that you are moving around it, then you are pushing yourself on the chair by pushing Kavya Anupama. Nandani does not like it when she sits down and she gives up her taxes and sits down on it, then you see that then after that Kavya goes to another place and she starts playing this game only then out on this movement It is only then that you come on me and when Anupama says that Kavya also starts saying that you come on my chair, but 1raj says from the front that no you won, so you both play like this. That poetry and Anupama are left at the last movement, then Anupama’s father-in-law creates a new rule and he says that now in these two innings, both of them will have to play this game by putting their eyes in each other Anupama is not agreeing at first, but after agreeing with the family, she agrees, then you see that both Anupama and Kavya are moving around and talking to each other, sometimes they say to Anupama. If you are very naive, you believe in someone quickly, then Anupama says that it is easy for those who break the faith, but also for those who want to believe. It is very difficult when Kavya says that if there is a member of the house, then you will say the same with her, then Anupama says that there is faith, even if it is for the family members, then only Kavya says that everyone is in love What is right in this can be right, then Anupama says that all is fair in love, but it is right and wrong if it is right in love then it is right if it is taken away from someone and it is not love.

It is not a place for anyone to understand the chest of someone else and that is the biggest idiot, then you see that the music stops at the same time and Kamya is immersed in Socha and Anupama quickly sits on the chair. And Anupama wins this game, all the family members are very happy, then she comes, she gives me the crown and she does not give it because she has won, only then you are not feeling good at all and see Going on, today’s episode ends here.

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