Anupama eighth December 2020 Written Update Ultimatum for Kavya Vanraj is tremendously disappointed with Kavya for going into his home and disturbing his mom. He doesn’t care for the way that she visited his home without his notification. He doesn’t need Kavya to make confusion in the house when he is making a decent attempt to fix some unacceptable and win back the family. He realizes that he isn’t right himself, yet needs to extend Anupama as off-base. Kavya’s impedance in his family may lead him to lose his solitary help in the family Leela. Vanraj means to have great relations with the family, so they don’t sing Anupama’s recognition.

He gets out to Kavya for the last time that his folks resemble God for him and his kids are his life. He reveals to her that he can neither leave his folks nor his kids, not in any event, for the good of Kavya. Kavya is tremendously harmed by his conduct. Afterward, Pakhi meets him and communicates her longing of commending her birthday with the whole family. She reveals to him that she needs to have a decent festival at home, however the gathering will occur on the off chance that he is important for the festivals.

Vanraj consents to Pakhi. She cheerfully embraces him. Anupama tells Hasmukh and Leela that they will host a decent birthday gathering for Pakhi. She tells that the satisfaction will remain until the end of time. She intends to arrange the best party actually to make it a significant one for Pakhi. Kavya catches Vanraj and Pakhi’s discussion.

She realizes that Anupama will prepare food to satisfy Pakhi, however that won’t sufficiently be. She needs to show Pakhi what genuine birthday celebration festivities mean. She likewise designs a birthday celebration to contend with Anupama. What will happen when both Anupama and Kavya get into a straight on rivalry to arrange the best party for Pakhi? Who will Pakhi pick? Will Pakhi get affected by Kavya? Continue perusing.

Hasmukh censures Vanraj for sending Kavya to the family to hurt Anupama. He asks Vanraj to make Kavya take off from Anupama’s home. He prompts Vanraj to take Kavya’s consent prior to doing anything for his youngsters, with the goal that Kavya doesn’t vent her displeasure on Anupama. He tells that Vanraj’s offenses have destroyed his name in the area. He needs to live in harmony in any event inside the house. Vanraj makes an expression of remorse. He takes Kavya out from the house. He needs her to not make any show and get inside the house. They make a leave.

Leela understands that Vanraj isn’t content with Kavya moreover. Anupama wishes that Vanraj remains cheerful in any event. She doesn’t think for her distress and makes a benevolent supplication. Then, Samar and Nandini meet at her home on their espresso date. They would prefer not to lose their kinship on the off chance that they can’t take their connection ahead. They accept Anupama’s recommendation to consistently remain old buddies. Samar’s sentiments continue developing for him. He discloses to her that she can’t simply make such show in his family in light of her instabilities when he is living with her.

She reveals to him that its his slip-up to deceive her and offer cash to his family. He advises that he gave the cash to Pakhi for her schooling. She can’t take it that he had covered up about the exchange. He tells that he imparts nothing to anybody. He needs to satisfy his duties towards his kids. He won’t take as much time as is needed he helps his youngsters. She asks him to at any rate keep her educated. She tells that Anupama isn’t so blameless as she imagines.

He advises that Anupama isn’t so cunning to plan such things. He announces that he can never leave his folks and youngsters. He gets out that he can’t keep up a log book to refresh his day’s exercises. He tells that his kids may before long move to his home. He requests that her recollect what his family intends to him, he is indistinguishable from them, he can never leave them for the good of she. He needs her to simply comprehend his circumstance. He vents his displeasure on Kavya. Hasmukh reveals to Anupama that Vanraj would reprimand Kavya.

Leela fears that Kavya will battle Vanraj and upset him. Pakhi tells the family that her birthday will be exceptional when Vanraj comes. Anupama gives her assertion that she will welcome Vanraj. Pakhi needs to go out to shop with Vanraj like consistently. Samar asks Pakhi to go with Anupama. Pakhi contends with him. She would not like to go with anybody, however Vanraj. Anupama asks Pakhi to meet Vanraj at his office. Pakhi doesn’t have any desire to confront Kavya there. Leela tells that Kavya doesn’t do any dramatization in Pakhi’s birthday. She feels Vanraj will before long understand the distinction between a spouse and sweetheart soon.

Vanraj discovers Kavya excessively annoyed with him. He neglects to compensate for his displeasure. Afterward, Paritosh and Kinjal have an enthusiastic meet. She gets some information about Anupama. He reveals to her that he needs to have a similar relationship with her. Kinjal uncovers that Rakhi is persuasively sending her to the US. She feels their relationship is under danger. Paritosh needs Anupama to deal with the issue. She reveals to him that she needs to wed him, since its about their life. Paritosh is happy that she is supporting him.

Additionally, Pakhi shocks Vanraj. He educates that he respected her gathering. He needs to organize a decent gathering. She communicates her desire to commend her birthday at home. She shares her birthday plans. She needs him to get back home and make the birthday celebration exceptional. She reveals to him that she won’t commend her birthday in the event that he doesn’t come. He gives his assertion that he will come and furthermore get her birthday cake. She tells that Paritosh and Samar will deal with the embellishments. Kavya plans to cause inconveniences for Anupama during the birthday celebration. Anupama chooses to make stunning food dishes for the gathering.

She gets some information about the assets in her record. Samar advises that they have enough assets to design an incredible gathering. Kavya meets Pakhi. Pakhi attempts to disregard her. Vanraj realizes that Pakhi won’t acknowledge Kavya unexpectedly early. He illuminates Kavya that Pakhi needs to praise birthday at home and welcomed him. He imparts the updates to her with the goal that she wouldn’t fret. Anupama needs to make Pakhi’s birthday noteworthy. She treasures the old minutes by observing the old photograph collection.

Hasmukh laments that Vanraj will come for the cake cutting service. Leela simply needs her child to come and never disappear. Anupama tells that they won’t release the satisfaction away from their home. Kavya needs to represent a test to Anupama. She needs to astound Pakhi. She asks Vanraj to allow her to design something uncommon for Pakhi’s birthday. Vanraj is satisfied. She tells that she will orchestrate a gathering at a previous time. She doesn’t need Vanraj to return home for Anupama’s coordinated gathering. She intends to arrange a sumptuous gathering that Vanraj and Pakhi disdain Anupama’s basic unattractive endeavors.

Pakhi is energized for her birthday. Samar discloses to Anupama that he has lifted the shopping sacks for Pakhi. Paritosh brings Kinjal home for finding an answer. Leela doesn’t care for her coming. Kinjal advises that she came to arrange Pakhi’s birthday. Anupama safeguards Kinjal. Kinjal guarantees Leela that Rakhi won’t be coming to make any show. Anupama is stressed over the costs. Samar tells that Vanraj paid for the shopping.

He tells that Pakhi purchased an expensive dress which was over financial plan, Vanraj had paid for it. He doesn’t need Anupama to turn upset. Anupama vows to make Pakhi’s birthday the best one till date. Anupama makes the wonderful plans and anticipates Pakhi, who is occupied with Vanraj and Kavya at another gathering. Kavya needs Anupama’s hold on to get endless. What will happen when Pakhi doesn’t turn up at home? Continue perusing.