The present scene begins with Rakhi taking out water from cooler. She gets frightened seeing Vanraj’s uncle. Rakhi asks Uncle what is his concern. Uncle says he has issue with her since he needs to realize why she venture inside the house through window? Rakhi says to Uncle; she doesn’t go into the house through a window and he probably neglected. Uncle says to Rakhi might be. Rakhi see window open and thinks if some hoodlum went into the house?

There, hidden lady goes into Leela’s home. Leela interprets the hidden lady is a cheat and calls out for Shah’s to help her. Shah’s catch Rakhi thinking she is a cheat. Rakhi requests that Shah’s leave her. Kinjal get cover lady. Lady says her youngsters were eager hence, she is here to get some food. Rakhi requests that Leela offer lady to the cheat and not to fall in her snare. Leela feels the torment of the lady and saves her for work. She additionally offer cash to her. Lady favors Leela. Rakhi asks Leela for what good reason she didn’t send Woman to the prison as she go into the house with wrong expectation. Leela causes Rakhi to comprehend that lady was vulnerable for her youngsters in this manner, was taking food.

Rakhi acclaim Leela. She appeals to God for Anupama and says she wishes last stays back at the house. Leela requests that God hear Rakhi’s desire. Toward the beginning of the day, Leela implores God for Anupama’s benefit. Anupama settles on a video decision to Leela. Leela gets upbeat seeing Anupama. Anupama advises to Leela that she misses Shah’s a ton. She adds she is calling from another person versatile. Leela requests that Anupama appreciate the occasion. She gets disturbed learning Anupama and Vanraj is remaining independently at the lodging. Leela requests that Anupama have a go at saving her relationship. Vanraj calls Anupama. Anupama says to Leela she need to leave.

There, Kinjal wakes and blacks out. She thinks what is befalling her. Kinjal goes to check Leela. Kavya see Leela. Leela says it is a terrible day. Kavya inquires as to whether Vanraj returns. Leela says Vanraj and Anupama is content with one another. Kavya says to Leela she realize it was Pakhi’s arrangement to send Vanraj an extended get-away. Kinjal come and blacks out. Leela and Rakhi stresses for Kinjal. Read more……..