The present scene begins with Samar saying he will bring  water. Vanraj requests that Hasmuk proceed to rest as it is late. Hasmuk says late really occur. He adds he did great by keeping party as Pakhi was cheerful. Vanraj inquires as to whether he is disturbed. Hasmuk says he will upbeat the day he will go to his home. Vanraj expands his hand and requests that Hasmuk excuse him. Hasmk says the day he will acknowledge what he lost and will be really grieved, that day he will pardon him. Hasmuk attempts to liberate his hand from Varnaj and Vanraj grasps his hand. Hasmrk leaves the room. Vanraj reviews his past. Samar comes and says to Vanraj on the off chance that he needs anything he is there. Samar snoozes Vanraj’s room.

In the first part of the day, Anupama appeals to God. She gets upbeat seeing watch. Samar and Hasmuk advises to Anupama that it is New Year present for her from them. Hasmuk says she will begin a new position from today accordingly they need her not to get late. Anupama gets glad and advises to Samar and Hasmuk that she never wears watch that. Hasmuk and Samar gets stricken hearing Anupama. Samar asks Anupama not to stress as they will oversee house and Nandini will deal with her understudies. Ahead, Anupama going to go to the kitchen. Pakhi, Samar, Hasmuk and Bailu work at the kitchen and ask Anupama not to enter the kitchen and should zero in on her work. Here, Kavya gets New Year message from Vanraj. She chooses to plan something for bring back Vanraj  home.

At dinning table, Samar advises to Shah’s that Paritosh and Kinjal’s New Year was acceptable as he educated him. Hasmuk gets glad. Vanraj come and sits with all. Pakhi says on New Year first day Vanraj is with them implies entire year he will be with them. Leela concur with Pakhi. Anupama come and over hears Leela’s discussion and stands paralyzed. Further, Anupama looks for endowments from Hasmuk and Leela. Samar and Pakhi wishes best of luck to Anupama. Anupama going to leave and Vanraj wants to enjoy all that life has to offer to previous as well. Anupama reviews her past and answers ‘thank you’ to Vanraj.

Afterward, Anupama gets upbeat reasoning her day was acceptable. She buys natural products for Vanraj. Here, Leela sits tight for Anupama. She says none is there to deal with Vanraj. Vanraj says to Leela, Anupama will come and he needn’t bother with anything. Anupama comes and Leela insults her. Anupama tell she got late as she was buying organic products. Ahead, Kinjal and Paritosh returns home. Kinjal see Vanraj and contradict Shah’s choice for permitting him to remain back. She declares she or Vanraj; both of the one will remain at house. Leela requests that Anupama control Kinjal. Anupama attempts to talk and Kinjal stops Anupama. Kinjal prepares to take off from the house to stand firm for Anupama. Read More

Precap: Kavya visit Vanraj.