Anupama 7 September 2020 Written Updates

Anupama 7 September 2020 Written Updates: – In today’s episode, you will be shown that Anupama tells Rakhi that Gujarati food is also available in our restaurant, that’s why Rakhi asks her what to order. You will see that Leela’s brother forgets why he was worried, so Samar tells him that you are worried because Anupama has gone to meet Rakhi and she knows that Rakhi is a problematic person so hopefully she bothers her mother Will not do.

Leela’s brother says that I cannot forget because he will offer them. On the other side you will see that Rakhi asks about the status of Anupama for the good condition of her court, she asks how much does Kinjal spend for 1 month.

Aken asks Pawa that she has understood what he needs to explain more. He says that money has become Rakhi’s weakness. It is said that when no one has money, I do such things. Anupama says that money can do many things but it cannot do everything.

Anupama tells Rathi that Kinjal spends a lot of money on her birthday, but her biggest happiness is gratification. Rakhi says that I can buy a house for my daughter but wants to stay in friend’s house on Kinjal, she says that I and Rakhi are the same type of person.

Rakhi is shocked to hear Anupama’s words, and says that from which corner it looks similar to each other, but she is very different, Rakhi says that it cannot happen as you are saying.

Anupama says that she will be very hurt when their children go to court and get married and leave the house, for which they say that mother’s pain can never be separated from each other, Rakhi is stunned after listening to Anupama.

Obama says Obama says that the only difference between them is that they want to get married to Paritosh and Kinjal and Rakhi wants to stop that marriage. Anupama says that she has promised her son and she can do anything to fulfill him. On the road, Dosha and Pinjan are getting worried thinking about their mother’s meeting.

Anupama says that today Kinjal and Paritosh want to marry each other with the permission of the family, but it should not happen in future that it would be better for them to go against their family and go to court on their own. Let’s agree to this wedding for good. Anupama asks Rakhi that she is ready for marriage.

You will see that but he comes to meet Kinjal but Leela scolds him saying that now his mother will come to make a drama like last time Kinjal begs him to meet his friend.

Leela tells Kinjal that you cannot come to this house without your mother’s permission only then she can enter this house. Is and she grows to be gratified.

Sir, you will see that Paritosh hugs Kinjal but Leela stops him. Kinjal says that she was very worried about him and asks him to promise that you will never leave me.

On the other side you will see that Anupama convinces Rakhi to get married to Kinjal and Paritosh.In the same way, Mama becomes very happy and removes sweets from her bag and gives it to Rakhi.

Rakhi Rakhi is surprised to see how you know that I will say yes because you have brought sweets together. Similarly, Anupama says that she always goes out of the house with the hope that I will win and that is why I thank God. The third episode comes to an end, everything will be shown to you tonight’s upcoming episode.

Anupama 8 September 2020 Written Updates

In tomorrow’s episode, you will be shown what-what and Anupama will say to Mundra that at first Rakhi refused to marry, but later I have her for marriage. In the same way, Manraj praises Anupama, Kavya gets shocked after seeing this and starts thinking that earlier manraj felt bad for Anupama but now she is feeling bad for herself and for sharing Manraj with her She does not say that Vanraj should stay with Anupama.