Anupama anxiously hangs tight for Samar. Samar gets back. She asks where had he gone, Mamaji called him commonly and for what reason didn’t he pick call. She sees him furious and inquires as to whether something occurred. He strolls in. She embraces him and asks what occurred. Police enters. Anu inquires as to what are they doing here.

Monitor asks who is Samar Anupama Shah. Samar anxiously says its him. Anu inquires as to whether he has committed any error. Investigator says Kavya has whined against Samar that she has hazard from him. Baa hollers that maide ki katori is a major danger for them. Anu inquires as to for what reason did he go there as of now there are numerous issues for them. Samar says he went to answer Mr. Shah as he can’t stay silent seeing his mother offended. Kinjal inquires as to for what reason would Kavya whine against him when he had gone to address Vanraj. Baa inquires as to whether he admonished


her. Samar says she was meddling in the middle. Toshu demands to determine how did he respond. Samar says he just cautioned her to avoid his mummy. Examiner says Kavya said he attempted to lift hand on her. Toshu inquires as to whether he truly hit Kavya. Anu yells her child can’t hit any lady. Investigator says they asked in the territory and discovered that Samar battled at some point prior. Bapuji says it was not his slip-up at that point. Samar says he was going up against Mr. Shah when Kavya meddled over and over and castigated about his mother, so he furiously broke light yet never lifted hand on her. Assessor demands to capture Samar. Family demands that there is some misstep. Toshu says he will call Kavya and clear misconstruing. Monitor says they can call Kavya or even legal advisor, however he needs to capture Samar. Kinjal asks how might he capture since somebody grumbled. Baa likewise contends with him, however he hauls Samar and takes him in jeep while Anu argues not to capture her child. Anu runs behind jeep asking him not to stress.


Samar requests to return back or, more than likely she may fall. Baa asks where is she going. Bapuji requests that Toshu call legal counselor. Kinjal says she is doing same. Anu tumbles down running. Samr yells mummy, yet jeep doesn’t stop. Anu cries lying on street.

Examiner takes Samar to police headquarters and requests that he sit on a stool. Anu arrives at police headquarters. Constable stops her and says she can’t meet him as its a police headquarters. Anu signals Samar in the event that he is fine. Controller over telephone advises Javya that he carried Samar Anupama Shah to police headquarters. Kinjal with Toshu and Nandini arrives at police headquarters straightaway. Anu requests that they stay with Samar and not let him alone in any event, briefly. Kinjal asks where is she going. Any leaves without answering.


Anu arrives at Kavya’s home and thumps entryway consistently until Vanraj opens it. Vanraj shouts prior Samar and now she. Anu irately cautions him to quiet down. Kinjal seeing her yells how could she is to come here. Anu cautions to stop her English or, in all likelihood she will get a tight slap, she doesn’t cook and doesn’t hear cooker whistle yet in the event that she gets a slap, she will hear whistle entire life. She cautions that she did a serious mix-up, she had cautioned her to avoid her kids and assault just her; she destroyed her child’s entire life and once they get a stamp of criminal, it will not delete entire life. Kavya says she is playing with a fire. Anu says a mother places her hand in fire multiple times in a day and she will consume her with it, and so on Vanraj yells. Anu cautions him not to yell or probably she will drag even him to police headquarters. He asks what has truly occurred. She says her child was hauled to police headquarters. He asks Kavya what is Anu saying. Anu says Kavya documented bogus police grumbling against Samar and got him captured. Vanraj inquires as to whether she documented a police grievance against Samar. Kavya says yes as Samar burst into her home and broke things, Vanraj wasn’t responding, she was terrified that Samar would hit her. Vanraj and Anu immediately say Samar won’t ever do that. Kavya says she did well and Samar’s genuine spot is in lockup. Anu asks where is her place, she never goes to sanctuary, today she will send her to Kanhaji’s origin. Kavya asks what is she saying. Vanraj asks how moronic she is, Anu is looking at sending her to imprison as Kanhaji was brought into the world in prison. Anu says she will send him likewise to imprison as they love one another, she makes vow that she isn’t Samar’s mom in the event that she doesn’t send them to imprison.

Kavya says Samar is paying for his demonstrations. Anu says in the event that the record has opened, why wouldn’t them be able to. Vanraj asks what she implies. He says Samar is wrongly asserted, however on the off chance that she begins charging them, an entire day will end yet not her claims; the two of them won’t emerge from prison before 10 days; she excused Vanraj for each mix-up yet not this error, she will give him back with interest, she will send them to imprison without a doubt. Vanraj asks how did he respond. She says that is the issue, he didn’t do anyhthing when Kavya crearted dramatization during Toshu’s wedding, when Kavya asked him not to go to his child’s wedding; Kavya committed an error and he supported her. Vanraj says he didn’t realize that Kavya would do this with her child. Anu asks what is he doing now in the wake of knowing it all, he has gone aloof, yet Samar’s mom is as yet alive. Anu checks. Kavya asks what’s happening with she. Anu says their violations which she will document in her grumbling; being hitched having an illegal illicit relationship with another lady; tormenting his significant other both actually and intellectually and so forth; when untruth can send her child to imprison, a fact can send them to imprison without a doubt. Kavya says its among Anu and Vanraj and not her. Anu says she will drag her pulling her hair and will call her significant other, however not extra her. She cautions Vanraj that he can settle on many telephone decisions or ask numerous divine beings, however when a mother stands up, even god can’t save them; she will meet them in police headquarters now and leaves welcoming Jai Sri Krishna. Read more………


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