In tomorrow’s episode Anupama you will be shown that Anupama’s friend who Anupama went to at night and comes in the morning tells her friends that I will always be with you whenever you miss me. You can call if you have any problem, then you see that Anupama tells her friend that you should take care of your husband and family, I handle your husband ie my brother-in-law, I had found out from him. Had imposed it, after all,

Why did he even add so much rage with Anupama, so now let’s see that she goes to her friend and I start getting so much sun from her and she says that you have mentally tortured Anupama. And your family can be punished, she can do anything she wants and Vanraj gets nervous on hearing this, then you see that when Manraj goes home, he starts telling Anupama that she should forgive me that at night He treated her very unfairly and asked her to go from her room too, you see that Manraj tells Anupama that If you marry me again, now let’s see that work comes from there and she is surprised to see this, this is how you will be shown in tomorrow’s episode