After dance, Anu cries inwardly. Samar additionally cries and wipes her tears. She says she recalls as though its yesterday that she meshed his hair. He says it was adolescence. Baa says she used to do same with Vanraj. Anu says he used to move in her lap even in adolescence and she understood then itself that he has gone on her, he is the award for all his great prizes. Mamaji jokes once more. Vanraj brings cake. Kavya insults in the event that he brought cake from his bistro as he gets representative rebate.

He says this is a result of good quality there, he never thought twice about his youngsters’ satisfaction till now and will never ever again. Kavya insults lofty discussions suit on individuals with huge compensation bundle. Cart returns saying lofty discussions suit on individuals with huge heart or probably Kavya’s bundle is huge, yet she talks so modest. Kavya reminds that she is her bhabhi. Cart advises her that Vanraj is her significant other. Kavya says she is talking as though spouse is a divine being. Anu says even she doesn’t think about spouse as god, however she should regard bhai. Anu demands not to battle today.

Samar cuts cake while everybody sing glad birthday and feeds them all. Kavya gets desirous seeing that. Samar asks his endowments. Every relative presents his endowments. He joyfully says thanks to them. Vanraj presents him a guitar and wishes him cheerful birthday. Samar sincerely acknowledges it and says thanks to him. Vanraj inquires as to whether he preferred it. Samar cheerfully gestures yes. Baa says let us see what Samar’s mom will blessing him. Toshu says extraordinary blessing as Samar is mummy’s uncommon youngster. Anu says she brought a present for him in the wake of looking through it a great deal, however his blessing is with Baa. Baa asks what blessing. Anu says gifts and demands her to favor and acknowledge Samar and Nandini’s satisfaction. Baa blows up.

Nandini turns off lights and playing Tu Aata Hai Seene Me impersonates all their underlying gatherings. Vanraj presents Samar a protection strategy which he purchased at Samar’s first birthday celebration. Kavya seeing that asks what were they talking about. Vanraj says when his child’s mom didn’t address him till now, how might she question him being his subsequent spouse. Anu discloses to Kavya that one can esteem love solely after turning into a mother.