The present scene begins Kavya meeting Nandini. Nandini says to Kavya that the way Vanraj went out none idea he will return ever. Nandini says it appears Vanraj didn’t educate her prior to coming to home. She says prior Vanraj used to deceive his family to meet her and now he lie to her to meet his family. Kavya thinks she needs to stand up to Vanraj. She thinks she has to realize that Vanraj’s opinion on her.

Vanraj takes Leela’s favoring and says he is going. Leela asks Vanraj to consistently say he will return. Vanraj asks Paritosh and Pakhi to take Leela inside. Ahead, Vanraj sees Anupama accepting the medication. He stops her. Vanraj says to Anupama that he turned Leela, Paritosh and Sweety against her. He says to her that to look as individually he will grab from her Leela, Hasmuk and even youngsters. Anupama answers to Vanraj that things which have a place with her can’t be taken. She asks Vanraj not to stoop so low that when his displeasure chills off he won’t have the option to remain in his own eyes. Vanraj yells at Anupama. Anupama asks Vanraj not to speak loudly else if family will see his this face, they won’t have the option to stand him.

Further, Vanraj returns to Kavya. He attempts to mislead Kavya. Kvaya goes up against Vanraj and says to him that he shouldn’t have deceived her. She asks Vanraj to quit attempting to be on two boats. Kavya asks Vanraj to choose to be at one side. Vanraj ponders Kavya’s statement. At Vanraj’s home, Anupama does the computation. Hasmuk helps Anupama. Anupama shares with Hasmuk that it is hard to run the house in minimal expenditure. Hasmuk persuades her. He says he has some cash and he will help her.

Samar comes to Anupama. Anupama asks Samar on the off chance that he is fretful about anything. She asks him she realizes he adores Nandini. Samar asks Anupama how she knows. Anupama says being a mother she knows it all. Samar advises to Anupama that he proposed Nandini yet she didn’t returned.

Ahead, Vanraj has a back torment. He asks Kavya to apply salve on his back. He discovers Kavya missing. He reviews Anupama. Vanraj thinks if Kavya returned to Anirudh.

Here, Anupama says to Samar that it is acceptable he and Nandini are companions first. Opposite side, Vanraj spots Kavya with another kid. Here, Anupama asks Samar companions are found by karma and he ought to never lose an old buddies. Nandini comes and approaches Anupama to join her for yoga. Samar and Nandini shares an eye-lock.

Vanraj goes crazy at Kavya for chatting with a person. Kavya hollers at Vanraj. Vanraj spots Anupama and Nandini. Afterward, Anupama reviews Vanraj and Kavya’s discussion. Pakhi comes and stuns Shah’s by requesting 80k for her investigations. (Scene closes)