In the episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Vanraj sees it, it is empty, there is a letter in it and it is written that if you tried to harass my housemates like today, you will find Tiffon empty like this and Even if I have my mind at home, I will not give you a Proscar or else, and finally she says yes, do not stay hungry, you eat pasta.

Raj like this gets very angry on the other side you see that Samar and his Mama ji is telling Babu ji that we have now fed you two cream rolls, so you do our work only then Babuji calls Anupama and I tell her why don’t you start teaching children to dance, then we mother It is said that you have eaten cream everyday, you will get tea today, then Babu ji says that you do not change it, you will teach children to dance, only then everyone starts to force it, there comes the kinkle first and then it is passed.

Is and he also starts to force her to show the dance only when she talks and silences everyone, saying that you have not made a house New is where there is so much noise, only when Jabba comes to know this, she says there is no need to teach daughter-in-law to someone, then she says what happened, now you do your wish then Anupama speaks and Summer tells you to shut up and Anupama leaves from there without telling anyone Anupama goes to the kitchen when she starts working and then Kinjal comes there and she says that I can help you in cooking.

I will then pick up the vegetable and start cutting it without peeling, then she says to Anupama, first touch it, then it will bite you, then you start talking and you tell Anupama that the way you handle the storm in your life. Like this, hardly anyone can do it. I know that I am not as intelligent as you, but I know that one step does not have to be taken to move forward, so you should teach children dance and move on.

So you have to step up and I go away from there saying that he listens to the prize when Kinjal goes to Paritosh’s room, Paritosh tells him that your Stop saying all this, mother has been doing this work for 25 years and now you are saying that she will dance to the children, she cannot do it. She had earlier tried for a job in Pakhi school but she managed Could not do and you stop flashing your mind then she says you can say flash it but I want to support it and I am always with mother and hope that you and your father too soon Explain what is right and what is wrong.

On the other hand, after some time, she disconnects, gets angry that she has disconnected her phone in her room, when she comes there, she feels that do not say that you are in my house right now. It seems that if you stop showing yourself, then you say that there is only one man in the house to show off and there is someone to become a good businessman.

Is it a pleasure that you are about to get married and she tells him That I will not get married before Paritosh’s wedding when men marry on the same day, it does not matter to me, but I have done this marriage honestly and also tell a lie beforehand. Vanraj gets very angry even after Ma leaves from there, after a while we Anupama puts food on the dining table, she is serving food to everyone, then Samar tells her mother that from today you too can sit with us and eat.

Will Anupama say, “No, even if I am a prosho, Samar says that it is only to take food, we will take it ourselves, only then Babuji also says that yes you will eat food with us from today, then Samar brings the chair from there and that Manraj Lets keep close to him and says that from today you will sit and eat food, only then both Samar and Babu ji give food to Anupama. When he gives the food to her, he sits down. Sometimes he comes to your plate.

If the food has come, then you give food to the Wonder Plate today, you see that it is not a neighbor in today’s plate being prepared and puts all the dishes of the food in front of it and says that you should serve yourself Seeing this, her mother starts to wonder what she is saying, then Anupama says that you yourself said that you have come from outside eating food, I do not know how much you have There is hunger, so you are hungry as you add food yourself.

This way, he starts putting food on the plate himself. After some time, Anupama says that I have taken a decision, I will teach children to dance. Summer and all family members are very She is happy but Anupama’s mother-in-law had a problem with her work earlier, similarly she says what is needed to do this work, when Anupama says that there is still a need and she starts saying that Paritosh’s marriage is coming, so I want to extend my hand Manraj gets very angry on hearing this and he turns red yellow in anger Today’s episode ends here