Anupama 5 September 2020 Written Updates

Anupama 5 September 2020 Written Updates: – In the serial Anupama you will be shown that Anupama decides that she wants to meet Rakhi in any way but Rakhi does not attend Anupama’s call. Jillamil asks Anupama what she will do if she does not meet Rakhi. So sleepy says that Obama may have met Rakhi but nothing will change given Rakhi’s character. That is why I have not given them 1 day today to keep quiet, yet Anupama should not disturb.

Similarly, you will see that Rakhi’s kinkle prevents her from meeting Pradosh. Kinjal says that if she does not allow him to meet her, she will leave from here in anger. Anupama calls Rakhi’s driver to meet Rakhi so that she can introduce Kinjal to him. Anupama begs Rakhi for Kinjal’s sake. But I refuse to do this and disconnects the phone. That is why Anupama gets worried thinking about how to explain it, she is surprised to see Vanraj. Kinjal’s father calls Anupama that Rakhi will meet him.

Anupama is happy to hear this and shares this matter with Jilmil. This is how Rakhi has decided to meet Anupama and wants to break up with someone. In the same way, someone is making plans that can break Obama’s alliance. Jillamil says that there is no work that Anupama cannot do.

Paritosh asks Anupama to be late so that he does not embarrass her by meeting the zodiac. Explains Anupama how to deal with the zodiac. He begs Rakhi to convince him. Similarly, Anupama also reaches the cafe to meet Rakhi.

Kavya complains to Vanraj about Anirudh, but he is thinking something else and he is not focused on Kavya’s talk. Likewise Kavya notices that it is not listening to her, so she asks that she is worried. Why is that why he tells that Anupama has gone to meet Rakhi. That is why he is worried. She gets angry hearing this and she tells him that I am talking to her and she is worried about his wife. She is very angry at Vanraj.

Anirudh tells Kavya to take Sidhu. Anirudh warns Vanraj to stay away from his wife and they start quarreling among themselves. Kavya starts running on both of them and she leaves from there. Anirudh will say that you will take care of your wife and take care of your wife with Vanraj.

On the other side you will see that Anupama reaches the cafe and the employee shows the table to Anupama who was booked by the zodiac. Leela is eagerly waiting for Anupama. The play brother offers him for this. On this side Mandal will see Raj Anupama, he tells her that she is his wife, please do not spoil her honor. Tells Mama to use cheap mobile.

Anupama 7 September 2020 Written Updates

Precap: – In Monday’s episode you will be shown that Anupama will say that she had promised her son and she will fulfill her promise no matter what I have to do, similarly Rakhi gets ready for marriage.