Anupama 5 May 2021 Written update


Scene begins with Vanraj concurring for Samar and Nandini’s commitment, while Anupamaa sees him being paralyzed. She ask how he effectively concurred for the it? To which he says that he is changed now and also, Samar will wed Nandini regardless of whether he gives authorization or not.

Anupamaa giggles at his assertion. He says about conversing with Kavya in regards to the commitment, while Anupamaa inquire as to whether she will not feel awful that he doesn’t converse with her about their marriage? Vanraj guarantees Anupamaa and salutes her for Samar and Nandini’s union. She grins and does likewise to him.


Anupamaa gets happy and moves being energized “Aaj Mai Upar tune plays” she makes dish from mango and grins seeing it. Here, Kavya wipes her tears considering Anupamaa and Vanraj. She murmurs that she understands what Vanraj is doing. She further sees the string on her hand and recollects Anupamaa’s guarantee about always failing to come in the middle of her and Vanraj.


Somewhere else, Vanraj remains behind Advait, while Advait plays his woodwind. He sees Vanraj and quits playing his instrument. Vanraj comes towards him and praises him, while he makes Vanraj giggle with his amusing story.

Vanraj shares his longing about learning an instrument, while Advait advices him that there is no age to learn new things. Ahead, Vanraj request Advait’s consent to play out a capacity on his property for Samar and Nandini. Advait joyfully concurred for it.


Leela watches out for Kavya with her optics. Anupamaa comes there and giggles seeing her jokes. Leela speaks sick about Kavya, while Anupamaa causes her to comprehend that one day she need to acknowledge Kavya. She takes care of Leela ‘Aam Rass’ and goes towards Kavya.

Anupamaa supports Kavya and ask her not to acknowledge Leela’s words. She says that she recollects her guarantee about always failing to come in the middle of Vanraj and Kavya. She guarantees her while Kavya states that she envy Anupamaa as she have everything which she wants for. Kavya says that she likewise need to have her own family, though Anupamaa says that soon she will get it.


Here, Vanraj meets Kavya and examine about Nandini and Samar’s marriage. Kavya gets incensed and questions him about his separation. He advises her that he can’t offer separation to Anupamaa till she gets restored. She gets restless and reprimand him. She expresses that the two of them can likewise get drawn in on a similar capacity.

Vanraj gets maddened by her conduct and attempts to make her comprehend. She continues to mess with him about their marriage. She gets baffled and expresses that perhaps he will wed her after Anupamaa’s demise. Vanraj looses his control hearing her words and lifts his hand to slap her.

Around then Anupamaa comes there and yells at Vanraj. She gets stunned seeing the confusion and chides them for carrying on youthfully. She censure Vanraj for attempting to slap Kavya and request that Kavya be solid. She shows her help towards Kavya and advices her not to be the previous form of Anupamaa. She goes from that point advicing them about the significance of relationship.

Vanraj apologizes to Kavya and goes to follow Anupamaa. While, Kavya additionally apologizes to God and appeals to God for Anupamaa’s wellbeing.

Vanraj follows Anupamaa and request that she sit in the vehicle. She attempts to disregard him however he shows his anxiety towards her. She sits in the vehicle and shows him a thing or two. She expresses that she have figured out how to live all alone and requests that he leave.

Afterward, Samar alongside Vanraj and Kavya gets fretful. Samar recalls his minutes with Anupamaa and doesn’t get rest. While, Vanraj likewise ponders her and takes a gander at Samar “Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays.” Leela cautions Anupamaa not to pass on, while Anupamaa snickers hearing her danger yet her eyes gets loaded up with tears.

Anupamaa and Vanraj gets a call from attorney in regards to their separation. Vanraj gets some information about dropping it, while Kavya hears his discussion and powers him to take the separation. Though, Anupamaa faces Vanraj and stands up to him about illuminating their family about their separation after the puja. Read more….

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