Advait says to Shah’s he doesn’t reserve an option to talk however they are talking in open hence he will propose Vanraj to take a choice by heart. Kavya says to Vanraj there is no alternative to pick between yes or no.

She adds today Vanraj will either wed her or will go to prison. Vanraj blows up and uncovers he didn’t got away from the wedding yet went to take outside air. He cautions Kavya, dare she attempted to inconvenience his family ever. Kavya cries. Rakhi requests that Pandit leave as now wedding will happen.

Vanraj stops Pandit and says today he will wed Kavya. Afterward, Vanraj and Kavya get married. Anupama leaves the spot. Kavya shows her mangalsutra to Anu to make her envious. Anu returns saying she eliminated it and offered it to Kavya. Baa says she won’t consider any other individual as bahu than Anu. Bapuji says same and leaves saying he can’t remain with Vanraj any longer. Baa goes with him.