The present scene begins with Vanraj saying to Kavya that in light of her he didn’t go to his wedding of his child. He charges Kavya for not ready to offer gift to Paritosh and Kinjal. Kavya answers to Vanraj he didn’t took her to the wedding along these lines, she made this stride. She requests that Vanraj quit regarding her as second young lady. Vanraj says to Kavya that he didn’t took on the grounds that she isn’t only her companion as she is his better half at this point. He gets baffled hearing Kavya’s statement

There, Anupama alongside Paritosh and kinjal look for gift from God. Paritosh and Kinjal subsequently takes favoring from Shah’s. Anupama requests that Kinjal and Paritosh take favoring from Rakhi as well. Rakhi remains far. Opposite side, Kavya requests that Vanraj leave as she doesn’t need any relationship with him where he doesn’t esteem her. She hollers at him and asks lamenting constantly that as a result of her, he went out and family. Kavya says to Vanraj that he didn’t take off from his home and youngsters since he continues visiting them. She requests that Vanraj take off from her home.

Ahead, Kinjal asks Rakhi for what reason she called Kavya. Leela insults Rakhi. Rakhi clarifies that whatever she did with Kavya at resort she simply needed to patch the relationship with her. She adds she was dumbfounded Kavya will do a particularly huge dramatization. Rakhi says she heard Shah’s adage Kavya is family in this way, she welcomed her as well. Rakhi counterfeit cries.

Here, Vanraj offers back key to Kavya and says he is going out and tossing her out from his heart. Vanraj ventures out from Kavya’s home saying he needn’t bother with her and Anupama both. Kavya reviews her words and lament. She was going to go behind Vanraj however descends. Kavya cries.

At Shah’s home, Anupama’s mom going to leave. Cart stops her. Leela uphold Dolly’s choice. Ahead,  Anupama go to Rakhi and caution her. She says to her that in the event that she attempted to hurt her family than she will confront her rage same like Kavya. Rakhi grins. Anupama says Lord Krishna pardon 100 wrong thing and gives discipline on 101. She says to Rakhi, her this misstep will be considered her serious mix-up and requests that she be cautious from next. She advise to Rakhi, Kinjal and Paritosh is going Udaipur for wedding trip and requests that she let them live in harmony. Further, Anupama’s mom offer earful to Leela and Hasmuk for Vanraj’s deed. She requests that Anupama return home with her. Anupama won’t go with her mom. (Scene Ends)

Precap: Vanraj meet with a mishap. Anupama stresses for Vanraj