Anupama 30 Sep 2020 written episode Update

In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that all the family members of Anupama are very happy for the cement and they arrive at the community hall and for the engagement Ram gives that the rest is very upset because a boy would be torturing her. It is only then that Pakhi stays with the mouse and sometimes calls from her and Anupama is taking her daughter with her but her breath says that you have not called Pakhi, not all these Anupama’s mian Leaves the pass, yet the rest is very upset, suddenly I see the boy who tortures him and is very nervous to see him, on the other hand you see that Anupama is approaching Ki that from the front Kinjal’s mother takes her to introduce her to the guest and when she comes to introduce her guest, he is the parent of the boy who tortures Pakhi and then now see that Kinjal’s Mother meets both Anupama and the monkey today and says thank you very much to you that you have taken time out of your time for us and After he introduces her, he leaves from there and then Kinjal’s mother tells Anupama and that my special guest should not face any problem, then Anupama says that your guest will not have to face any problem. There also comes a boy who is torturing Pakhi and when Pakhi comes to know that he is from their relatives, she does not tell anything to Anupama, even after Anupama says that she does not tell the same The boy comes there after some time. He tells his mother that now it is the turn of your people to dance, then you see that Anupama and Rajkot call for him on the stage and suddenly they are not practiced. But after all the people have said, he starts dancing to that song and they dance very well, all the people are very happy to see his dance, so you see that Pakhi is watching that boy again and again. Anupam and Manraj’s dance on the other side also ends when they are trying to come to the side, then Samar comes to Pakhi and tells him that you Why are they getting upset then it is done that there is no problem, then Summer says if there is a problem then call me, then she says I will call you but she does not tell her problem to anyone, then Anupam Pakhi Comes to and tells the rest to Anupama that I have to go to the washroom and it is clear with her that she calls and says that there is a video call of aunty, come and talk, then I say that I am with you. But I say she is on the line so you can do it now and send it with jhilmil. When she goes to the other side, she gets Nandni’s earring and he saves her when she does not come there and her dreams I get lost in it, then Nandani and hands off and says that why are you staring at me and the earring that she holds in her hand goes away and on the other hand you see that Kavya gets a call from an office and She leaves on the sari, when I was angry even seeing her and I also go after her, everything that Kinjal’s mother is noticing and she starts to doubt those people. When he goes to the state, he is trying to convince him that it is not easy for me to face this situation, why are you not trying to understand me, then what does it say that I am always like you You are not trying to understand at all, in this way there is talk between the two, then Kavya starts leaving from there and suddenly someone comes and thus the episode ends.

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In tomorrow’s episode Anupama, you will be shown this Pakija when she is in the show, then there also comes a boy who tortures her and that Pakhi is very nervous to see him and that boy is trying to get close to him. But from above Anupama goes and she backs the boy with a jerk and can slap him hard, so this will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode.