In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that the reward tells Kinjal everything the truth and this Kinjal is very surprised to hear this truth and Pari starts telling him when you know this and you are telling me now Well, Paritosh says that I was very worried so I could not understand what to do, but your affair between Papa and Kavya is over,

so I will support Papa only when Kinjal says that you are your mother Think about what would have happened to her heart when she had found out, then she says that if the affair of both of them is over, then why did Kavya go to your father’s room and register for the wedding, as she did

He is not crazy enough to go there and register for marriage without your father’s will, but he is not ready to believe that his father can do anything wrong, then the Angel says that I am Worrying that if you continue to follow your father in the same way, if it does not happen to me tomorrow also, then the grief says that you Have you gone mad,

then he hears all these things and he brings a gift for his mother and father which falls from his hand and breaks and he goes back the same foot from the rewarded angel. It is said that Samar too has come to know everything and he is very emotional and if he does not do anything in emotional, then he starts going after the rewarded summer, he finds Samar much but Samar does not get anywhere on the other side.

Anupama 31 October Written Updates

Anupama is cooking in the kitchen when her med jhilmil tells her that why are you so sad sister-in-law, if you want to say something, then she can say to me that she is absolutely fine and I am not worried then The voice of her mother-in-law comes that the food is not cooked, so she says that her mother-in-law uses the camera to keep an eye on her.

When she looks in the room, Anupama looks at her very differently. And she starts worrying about him. On the other side, we see that Kavya leaves Nandini’s house and starts going to her house, only then Nandni tells her that you cannot face Anupam aunt Kati is why you are going from here, so Kavya says that everything will not be okay with your narration.

It is not the right time to tell her everything, then she starts leaving from there, then Vanraj stands up and Kavya calls her. Hai Kavya tells him that you will be happy that I am going from here, then I say Raj, why do you think I am wrong for everything, if you leave from here you will have to avoid many questions and You will be able to live peacefully in your house and I cannot even meet you here and can come to meet you there only when Kavya leaves from there, on the other side, see that his father comes from the back side of the summer.

And he starts telling her that you call me and my mother as a loser, but the biggest loser is you who has rejected my mother’s love and did not understand it at all. Samar does his father very bad.

It says that if you did not love my mother, then she would have said straight away that she would go away from your life, she would go away from you without telling you, but you mother You should not have done this to my mother, you would give her sorrow but if you do not cheat, then Samar says that I do not earn but I will return the same sorrow with Vyas which you have given to my mother, then Samar says that in the first installment I am giving you from now on and you have lost the right to call me son from now on and Vanaraj is shocked on hearing this,

when Samar says that now you will understand that someone will love you and any love in response If it is not found, how will it feel, I will keep making you feel sad, and as soon as you start saying, when you go to such a video, it falls and the boy sings to think about his mother. After some time, he goes to his room, handling himself and we start planning a surprise for his mother.

After some time, Anupama goes to her son’s room only when singing a summer song makes her mother happy. After a while you see that Anupama takes tea for everyone, she gives tea to everyone, but she does not keep tea before today and she is lying in it.

She stays there in such a long time, Anupama’s friend comes and asks where is she not seen anywhere, then know that she did not come due to her home, so her marriage is that she used to come even earlier. We used to stay in our house, but now Anupama has not even come to know that I am going, so her father says where are you going, then he says that the marriage is over so I am going to work somewhere Hoon his friend says that yes the marriage is over, she recites it again and again and takes the car from there today and on the way he finds himself surrounded on all sides and says to himself. Is that I have to control the situation Today’s episode ends here