Anu intoxicated under bhang impact applies shading to Vanraj and keeps snickering. Vanraj asks what is this. Kavya remains out of resentment and stun seeing that and leaves there. Anu proceeds with her peculiar demonstrations. Vanraj chastens her to keep the peace and quiets down. Anu says she lived for a very long time as indicated by his desire and didn’t play holi as a result of him, he did anything he desired and constrained her follow his desire. She snickers saying Jahapanah Tusi Great Ho and again drives her bicycle away.

In holi festivity setting, Samar and Pakhi look for Anu. Baa requests that they proceed to look outside. Kavya irately says Anu is inside Vanraj’s roomRakhi figures for what reason didn’t bhang impact on Kavya till now, what did she see inside Vanraj’s room. Family gets back and stand stunned seeingAnu’s abnormal demonstrations. Anu inquires as to for what reason did they go into house and spoilt floor.

Baa asks what befallen her. Anu asks what h ended up baaing Beta, did she have thandai/milk. Rakhi understands that she had bhang milk. Kinjal causes her to sit on pleasure seeker. Anu says Baa sits on this pleasure seeker, takes a gander at her through binocular and admonishes her; she didn’t favor her once and vented out her Saas’ indignation on her bahu; for what reason can’t the world’s saas considers her bahu as girl, if that occurs, all battles in the end will end and there will not any saas-bahu serials’ she generally considered Baa as her maa, yet baa never considered her as beti or bahu;

Baa needed to bring an informed and all around refined bahu for her child, yet got a thepla making bahu; Baa required a long time to understand her worth, she used to cry a ton and wet numerous cushions; anyway Baa is, she is her Baa. She reminds how Baa cried during Dolly’s bidai and says Baa will cry more when she will take off from this house; Baa is swinging in any event, standing. Baa requests that she stop. Anu says no transport or train and makes her swing on a pleasure seeker.

Family feels miserable for Anu.Kavya gets back to Nandini’s home and vents out outrage recalling Anu contacting Vanraj. Anu at that point strolls to Bapuji and asks like he is supporting her now, for what reason didn’t he support her prior; she realizes he needed harmony in the house, yet enduring incorrectly isn’t harmony yet quietness; on the off chance that he had not let Baa to stop her schooling, she wouldn’t have been this way.

She reminds how Rakhi offended her during Toshu and Kinjal’s collusion, and in the event that she was taught, marriage would have effortlessly occurred and Rakhi wouldn’t have felt embarrassed to call her sadhan. Bapuji apologizes her and says her saas and pati/spouse didn’t need her to contemplate, he didn’t battle with them and let her investigation and consistently offended her as unskilled.