Anupama 30 January 2021 Written update


The present scene begins with Kavya says to Vanraj she can’t really accept that they employed Kinjal. She says Kinjal has zero insight and she can’t work under Kinjal. Kavya gets goaded. There, Kinjal says to Shah’s that she was ignorant regarding organization else she wouldn’t have given meeting. Leela blame Kavya and says Kinjal purposely offered meeting to deprecate Vanraj. Anupama uphold Kinjal.

Leela blame Anupama for sending Kinjal inspite knowing, she going to get Vanraj’s position. Kinjal says she was dumbfounded and Anupama uphold Kinjal. Anupama inquires as to whether she realize Vanraj’s organization name. leela says it is same what Kinjal told. Anupama says precisely even she just realize that Vanraj works in a major organization and don’t have the foggiest idea about its name. There, Kavya stresses she can’t work under Kinjal.


She says to Vanraj she can’t work with Kinjal with zero insight. Kavya charge Anupama behind grabbing Vanraj’s work. Here, Paritosh inquires as to whether it is carrying fight to the house. Kinjal will not leave the work. She adds she intentionally didn’t gave the meeting in this way, she isn’t to blame. Anupama and Samar uphold Kinjal. Paritosh says to Kinjal it’s her significant other request. Kinjal stands stunned. Anupama cautions Paritosh not to talk like this with Kinjal neither before all nor inside their room.


Paritosh declare he also accepted position at Tave’s establishment. Ahead, Samar and Nandini shares a discussion. Samar admit his affection for Nandini once more. There, Kinjal and Paritosh both see their work letter. Leela goes to Hasmuk and asks him for what reason he generally prevent her from doing any contention.

Hasumk says he is burnt out on battle. Leela says to Hasumk when they were together they used to defeat all the obstacles. Pakhi come and meet Shah’s. Anupama gets glad seeing Sweety. She chooses to make Pakhi’s number one dish. Samar and Kinjal requests that Anupama invest energy with Pakhi else she will go soon. Anupama attempts to converse with Pakhi, Pakhi impolitely answers to Anupama. She illuminates Anupama with the assistance regarding Kavya she will get ready independent execution.


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