In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that Toshi tells Summer that what is the need to do so much drama, you could not come and tell me that there is no mother, then from time to time, I know that you want to be like this today But in ignorance of your mother, don’t be so kind today, please be so kind and go away from there saying that when I see Anupama, she says that I send my relatives to everyone. So what have I come to answer? If they asked who this girl is, then Kavya says that by it OK Mama has intentionally done a bit and further Anupama’s breath says that she did not do it intentionally but you have done it intentionally. Every photo has a stick with Manraj and Kavya gets very angry on hearing this and she tells her mother that you cannot talk to me like this, then the mother says how else should you talk to me by saying 2 days to us You came home, but it looks like you are making Aadhaar card our address, Islam sees that in front of work or with Anupama She starts to grow and Anupama says to Kavya that no one in our house raised the voice from the rest nor can anyone raise it. Kavya gets angry on hearing this and she leaves her room and sister-in-law leaves from there. She goes and mother tells sister that you come to me and tells Anupama that you still eat now that you get out of the house, then Anupama says how can you do this or not you tell her now from this house After leaving, after seeing a course with Anupama, she goes to ask Anupriya to go to Nandini’s house for two-three hours, but Kavya takes her meaning wrong and she says that you will get me indirectly.

Anupama 02 September 2020 Written Update

I am not going to listen to you anymore, I am going to leave this house and you see that Kavya angrily goes to Nandini’s house and she goes there and calls Raja and tells him It is said that your wife has thrown me out of the house, see that Manraj lives near Nandani’s house, only then the successful started saying comfortably your wife is not out of the house When fired, Vanraj says that I cannot do this, then sometimes I also say that I do everything, I do not try to understand me, but I understand you but now I just cannot bear it anymore. That she narrates to Maharaja and she says in Kheer that if you want to marry me, it is mine, Sonu is surprised, then poetic says that if you cannot give me a name, then end of this love story. It will look like this that Manraj says that when I asked you to get married first but you had not agreed earlier, sometimes you would say that then there would be a situation, then you are angry that you are a situation for me, I cannot marry you. So she says that right now I can not even be your girlfriend Manrajo is asked to leave the house and he goes from there. On the other side, see that Anupama was cooking for everyone and Ba says that That the children are studying and you have dinner. I will talk to Kavya after her arrival, even then there she gets angry and she is angry There is a lot in it and he tells Pawan Kumar that I have to do the same thing to you and he tells him that you killed him with two slaps, you did not think of yourself as a hero, you asked my friend home without asking me How can you get out of this? It has been allowed to take me out, who was left, who do you believe next to me, who you killed so soon today, then we see that I am angry that it is being heard and this Like today’s episode ends here