She leaves. Anu figures she doesn’t apologize as a spouse, yet as a mother she is sorry to hurt her girl. In grass, Baa sits crying. Bapuji offers her hot pack and says he knows her tears not of knee torment but rather of torment in the heart. Baa says perhaps they are answerable for Vanraj’s condition. Bapuji says what Vanraj did wasn’t right. Baa says Bahu is acceptable, however bad for Vanraj. Anu while pressing garments hears that.

Precap: Samar reveals to Anu that he will do call focus task to help family She requests that he let her handle house and he should seek after his fantasies. Kavya asks Vanraj on the off chance that he will get back after his annoyance quiets down. Baa discloses to Anu that Vanraj will restore when his displeasure quiets down. Vanraj returns in with packs.