Vanraj drives vehicle impulsively and meets with an auto collision. Individuals around examine its a serious mishap and they don’t figure he would be alive, they should call police. At home, Baa cries that she felt something would happen when he ventured out from home today, he accomplishes such a great deal for everybody and still, at the end of the day they all affront him; if something happens to him, she won’t pardon them. Bapuji says its not opportunity to battle, just expectations Vanraj is fine.

Police arrive at the spot and attempt to get Vanraj out. Anu with Samar and Sanjay reach there and stand frozen seeing his condition, however loosens up when examiner checks and says he is relaxing. An individual close by gives Vanraj’s telephone to Anu. Kavya calls him consistently thinks, for what reason is he not picking call with a little battle, he more likely than not gone to Anu. Emergency vehicle shows up

what’s more, Vanraj is taken on cot. Anu’s pallu stucks in cot and she strolls with it. Peon says just one can come in emergency vehicle. Samar says he will go. Sanjay says there should be lawful customs to finish, so he will come and Samar can come on bicycle with Anu. Anu gets into rescue vehicle and sits. Examiner asks who are they. Samar says harmed individual is his dad and sitting inside is his mummy. Rescue vehicle leaves.

Back at home, Pakhi cries bountifully thinking back Vanraj. Baa supports her and reprimands Kavya for the mishap. Cart says its not chance to revile. Baa says she will go to medical clinic at the present time. Cart says let us sit tight for Sanjay’s require the update, at that point they can go to emergency clinic. Baa concurs. Vanraj is taken to clinic and specialists start his treatment. Anu inquires as to whether he educated family, in what manner will they oversee cash. Sanjay says he did and will oversee some way or another. Samar cries taking a gander at Vanraj’s condition from window. A bystander reassures him to have mental fortitude and not cry as young men don’t cry. Samar says young men additionally cry. Sanjay approaches Samar. Anu stands taking a gander at Vanraj. She sees Kavya’s video call and picks it. Kavya vapor seeing her and thinking back her slap. Anu says Vanraj isn’t with her, yet she is with him in emergency clinic and indicating him says he met with a mishap. Kavya breaks seeing that and cries yelling that its all happened due to her.

Specialist comes out, and Anu gets some information about Vanraj. Specialist says he got minor outer wounds and not interior ones, however they will perform full body examine; Anu’s petitions saved Vanraj; they need to play out a minor shoulder a medical procedure to forestall future intricacies. Anu gets more strained catching wind of a medical procedure. He requests that she unwind as he would have kicked the bucket with a particularly huge mishap, however got away with minor harms. Anu stands crying thinking back all the new occurrences. Samar strolls to her and consoles her that Mr. Shah is fine. She says he can call him dad as he isn’t tuning in to him. Kavya prepares and surges towards clinic. Baa and Bapuji stroll into clinic crying. Anu comforts Baa that Vanraj is fine and is having quite recently minor outer wounds. Sanjay discloses to Bapuji that vehicle is decimated totally, however Vanraj got away and great he had recharged vehicle protection a month ago. Anu discloses to Baa that specialist told there are no inner wounds. Baa gets some information about injury to heart which Anu gave; everything happened due to her; she didn’t let Vanraj go to his child’s wedding customs and made a particularly huge show, due to which he was unable to drive vehicle appropriately and met with a mishap; even her sautan Kavya is capable. Anu sees Kavya coming. Kavya cries embracing Anu and asks how is her V, in the event that he is fine. Anu says he is fine. Kavya thanks god that her V is fine. Baa blows up observing her and asks how could she is to come here, why she is rehashing her V as though she possesses him in endowment, she can’t take his complete name. Anu solicitations to not yell in clinic. Baa accuses Anu and Kavya for Vanraj’s condition.