In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when I get a call from Kavya, where did she go to tell her how you are in Burma’s condition and she says that I am very worried that you can come and meet me only then Manraj says How many times have I told you not to call me again and again, and if you want to call me for your comfort, I cannot come, leave me alone, then only Kavya says that you repeatedly say that Leave me alone, if you are not really thinking about getting rid of me then Vanraj disconnects the phone as soon as I hear this.

On the other side you see that Anupama goes to Pakhi’s room and she calls her friend with her phone, then her friend says that you do not tell the housemates that I am punishing the other due to one relationship. I do not want to give, I have not told yet, and then her friend says that you want to tell me or not, she says I do not know, then I say that whenever you see angry you will not feel good, so you are at my house Come and let that child handle him too, then Anupama says that I am not like him that let’s see a relationship now, whose is it that I believe in you,

When there is a mistake, she thinks about the person who is managing everything, then she comes there and I will call you later. Sometimes Anupama gives her her phone and the rest is a serious thing going on. She says no and she starts working,

So the rest says that your health is not well yet and you started working, then he was also looking at Anupama’s clothes and she says that the meet must have been put here by mistake but her mother says that son I am your room If I can stay for a few days, then it remains to be heard, then Anupama says that don’t ask at all, then Pakhi says how will you stay in this room without Papa, then she says that I will learn to live slowly then On hearing this Pakhi goes to her housemates and tells her father that you and your mother have a fight, do their fathers stand near their expressions and babuji.

Then the party says that when the mother came to my room and she said that I want to stay in your room, then I asked that you will be able to stay in this room of father, then she says that I will learn slowly only then everyone is shocked to hear this And the father of Vanraj says that if the result will be so great even at this time, then he tells Vanraj that if he is trying to hide anything from us, then tell us if there is a big secret, Babu ji It is not the case, I spoke to the doctor and he said that Anupama needs change.

So she went to Ka Pakhi’s room and as soon as I said this, I go from there and tell the rest that you take care of your mother, only then Babuji tells his wife that people go out for change but someone So do not go to the room. On the other hand when Nandini sees Samar coming happy on the road, she says that the mood of Samar seems to be fine, perhaps Anupam aunty may not have told anyone in the house and she says that Anupama aunty Whose weight are they doing and she calls and asks him what the condition of Anupam aunty is now.

So he says that if it is okay then after sometime he goes to his house and sees that on the other side, Subodh is in stress and he starts to eagle his mother but did not and he says that the mother He also needs rest, when his mother also brings him, he tells her that you need rest and if you are busy working, then the drama says that nothing has happened to me, then only thing asks that You knew about poetry and your father, so why didn’t you tell me, then you say that I did not want to make you sad and everything was fixed between poetry and father and Kavya was torturing father and This is not indicated by Anupama and she says that your father told you a joke and you agreed only then he says that no mother father is now cured.

Then how did we know something, he says that Nandini told me and gets fond of him and he says that when Nandini told me, I went to the temple of Fufa Ji and Nandini and when she hears the name of Fufa Ji So she breaks even further because she knew everything and they did not even tell me and in anger, I start saying that no one else knows about it and that someone else does not know and He says that the father is now well.

If you should start fresh with them, then she would get angry and I say that you did not tell me about your relationship but you should have told about the cracks in my relationship and she says that my I only have the right to decide about life and no one else says it goes from there and starts working.

He collides with Vanraj from Satwas, now his breath says that if you do not work, you will fall ill again, the person is that I am absolutely fine, if I do not work, then I will fall ill only when I heard her mother’s song If I give her, I tell her where is your mangalsutra and they are angry with her, then I tell Bhandara that you go to the temple and wear this mangalsutra and tell Anupama that when you go to the temple, you see that when He is annoyed, starts wearing Mangalasutra to his maternal uncle.

So she does not give to Anupama and she says that I will not become this mangalsutra and says that I would be wearing the old mangalsutra because then if I was not in your heart then no one else was there, then she takes the old mangalsutra by keeping the new mangalsutra only then Mother says that if Jai Mangalasutra was there, let’s quickly take Mangalasutra out of her hand and wear it on her own and do not feel that you would say that I have my own decision and I will take it myself then say that this habit of mine Not that I punish others because of a relationship and this is also my decision and it goes away from there saying that this is how today’s episode ends.