Shah’s stands stunned. Advait than requests that Kavya check her wedding place. Rakhi inquires as to why wedding beautification is prepared today. Kavya says holy person requests that she light at the spot in this manner she prepared wedding place. Advait requests that Kavya watch the embellishment. Kavya gets eager to seeing the enhancement.

She asks Samar, Pakhi, Paritosh, Nandini and others to tell in the event that they loved the design or not. Kavya requests that Leela light a light at the wedding place. Shah’s stands stunned and leaves the spot. Kavya gets vexed. Ahead, Kavya herself light the light. Rakhi chooses to place the oil in the fire. She says to Kavya that it is acceptable she has chosen to wed without offering time to Vanraj. Rakhi uncovers to Kavya that Vanraj is befuddled over his wedding with her. She fills Kavya’s ear against Vanraj. Kavya reviews Vanraj’s conduct and gets inflexible to wed last on chose time and date.

Paritosh goes to relieve Vanraj’s torment. He recommend Vanraj to consider cautiously as opposed to settling on wrong choice. Kavya inquires as to whether she will compose Vanraj’s name on her hand. Anupama stand stunned.