Anupama 28 sep 2020 written episode

Anupama 28 sep 2020:-

You will be shown in the episode that when Kavya was watching Anupama’s Mangalasutra, suddenly Manraj comes there and he scolds the work very much and he says that if someone had seen it then it would have become a spectacle. So how can I do this, then what does it say that I am understanding your words and will take the blame on me, that too, because of Anupama, what are you doing all this, from now on, you have to go from here You should go and shift in the house and leave from there, then start thinking that what I have done all this, I got angry that I would not have to do this because if anyone here could see it then it would be a big spectacle. When you go, you see that she goes to the kitchen and she says that I will do yours today and she says that I will make pasta for everyone, then says that no you do your work, I will handle everything here so what not to say I have no business, I help your eyes and then Kavya says that I make pasta for everyone Anupama goes to make it. Gates gives and she says that Pakhi had this pass, she likes it, not only the rest but the three children like it very much, only then they work, now whom do I want to make this for, then she starts saying that I am summer If Babuji and Vanraj of the park make it for everyone, Anupama says that I do not know both Babuji and Baa and I love their desi food, so what does it say that I do not like her too much I know that I eat pasta from Manraj’s hobby, after having so close to Kavya, Anupama says let’s make it for all of you, let’s see that Kavya starts making pasta, after some time the food becomes ready and Anupama is putting food on the table, yet the rest says that this vegetable is made today, I do not like it at all, so they do not know that I have made some specials for you to eat all these things, so bring money from there. And they serve everyone and they are very happy after swearing the rest, wears Raj too and praises him and becomes happy after a while. Asra goes to her own room when Asra is in the room in my village and I am looking at the photo of the queen and myself, then she is feeling thirsty and starts drinking water but there is no water in the bottle and she is 12: 00 goes to pick up and she sees that Anupam was giving food to the voice and Manraj is saying that your food is not the answer. Pasta is eaten for hobby but seeing this desi food is best for me then we Kamal starts burning and I get very angry. On the other side, see who else gets the phone call and he has a friend who tortures him and messaging him who put a packet of cigarettes in his bag and He says that I refuse for a while and after some time and I will come there and get upset hearing this, he starts asking what is the matter and tells everything else that you start coming this way You should not worry, my daughter is being talked about, what can these people just give themselves, they are not worth doing anything else, there is a lot of group fighting and she says that If I will not go to the engagement tomorrow, the mother says that no, there is no need to be afraid. I am with you and after convincing her she goes to her room when she goes in her mouth and Manraj and Anupama are on the bed. Anupam is watching the children’s album and she tells us that when the children grow up, they do not know tomorrow. Toshi’s engagement seems like a dream, then after talking, they fall asleep when the morning is successful. Goes to and she is doing exercise and where did she tell her that you should do exercise more today because after eating double double food at night, you have to do more than you do today, so I said that after hearing this she says that You stop your nonsense, why are you not trying to understand me, I am pretending all this in front of Nirupama, you do not want to understand this and today my son’s wedding and I want to enjoy it in a good way You understand it or not, this is how today’s episode ends

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In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that everyone is prepared in the house and that committee gets ready for the latest, takes all the bags and is also carrying the bag with the same kurta but it is at home She falls down and goes to the same community hall of the house where we see that Kinjal’s father comes running to her wife and they tell her that Ka has left the letter and everyone is fond of hearing this Because of this, some will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode.