Anupama 28th October 2020 Full written Update

In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that when Anupama handles herself with this grief, then Pakhi and her children are very happy to see her and only then Pakhi goes to her father and wakes him up to the mother Has come and she has come with us, you see that I am shocked to see angry Anupama. Don’t earn like this.

She comes to her room and tells the children that you guys go out. I want to talk to your father. So you would have given that I would leave from there and Anupama closes the door and she starts asking me why did you do this, then she is angry that this is your misunderstanding that you know is incomplete truth, I tell you all the truth I say that I do not know anything. Why do you answer me? Tao Pawan Raj says that the suspicion and confusion you have brought is wrong for you and he starts saying that when Kavya was in my room,

he gave me my Kolaras I was caught and due to which she fell on the bed and I also fell on her. What you saw was the deception of your eyes, even then Anupama stays silent and see you again It is said that I used to say to the angry Anupama that I and Kavya used to work together.

The relationship between Anirudh and her was not good, so I became weak in the matter of handling her and that’s why she came to threaten me here and she Caught me and I fell on the bed with him and he says that I have told you what was the truth and says that I have made a mistake and I apologize for this but Anupama remembers I am not angry, what did Kavya say at that time, but he does not say anything to Vanraj that he knows all this.

Lets see that he says, believe me. If I say that, then you ask him only when he comes to know about it, then he is shocked too. Then Anupama says that you can entertain my children with your stories but not the mother of the children and this On hearing this, the king becomes surprised that how is she talking to me, then you see again 1raj starts speaking angrily to her. Anupama says that this is my fan Will be safe that I am not going to stay this evening,

I have to be a daughter of a legitimate house and to be a mother of children, it will be my decision only then Vanraj will do it. Anupama gets angry right now and says that my sad pleasures are connected to a corner here and how are you that I have no right on this, you can be on my room but I have to get up at this house too As much as you support that Anupama starts talking angrily to Vanraj and tells her that it will be my decision to keep this relationship going and I will not say anything to everyone, everyone will have to answer why I am like this.

When I am coming out of the room, you start asking about Anupama, asking about Joshi, then he says that he has gone to take notes by then Anupama’s mother and her brother come from there and he Anupama He is very happy to see them and his mother too becomes very happy to see him properly, then only he has to tell his brother that it is engaged in fighting God from the night that you Why did she do this to the committee and she is doing Ardas since night,

Anupama 29 October Written Updates

then she says Anupama that when the mother investigates and the son is not well it cannot happen now Samar leaves from there and Anupama and her mother sit on the mother And then Anupam’s mother tells her where is your mangalsutra, then she says that while bathing and it is done, I forgot I will wear it when her mother says that everything is fine between you and son-in-law so she says Is that yes everything is alright then Anupama asks her mother how did you handle everything when Babu ji went away, then she says that when God hurts,

he also gives her the courage to bear it. Seeing you and your brother used to live but I am happy that nothing like this happened to you and son-in-law, Anupama Sonu’s heart starts to feel sad when you see what the mother’s mother and brother are from there. Starts going and tells him from the movie that you do not know that you will pray for Zee Suhag, since when he has been devastated, today’s episode ends here