Cart demands Anupama not to isolate from Vanraj, else their home will break. Anu inquires as to why just lady needs to secure the house. Cart says she doesn’t have a clue; presently a days men succumb to little youngsters in office and wander around them, yet then get back after some time; kavya is a period pass for Vanraj, on the off chance that he was not kidding about her, he would have moved to Kavya’s home quite a while in the past. Anu says she would have regarded Vanraj on the off chance that he had gone intuition at any rate he is faithful to somebody. Cart says Vanraj fouled up, however time has changed. Anu says time has changed, yet not connections, it torments in the event that they are sold out in relationship; she is upset for Dolly’s reasoning; when its an issue of property, its better half’s correct, yet when its an issue of ensuring house, it a spouse’s correct, for what reason is that so. Cart says spouse resembles an establishment, anyway solid she will be, she needs rooftop. Anu says rooftop should be concern at that point, there is no house without rooftop, however without establishment, there isn’t rooftop in any way; if establishment shakes, rooftop tumbles down; spouses commit errors figuring his folks or kin will uphold him, yet shouldn’t something be said about wife’s issues; on the off chance that guardians and youngsters are just hers, in the event that its of both, at that point for what reason should just she ensure it; Dolly consistently upheld her conflicting with Baa, at that point for what reason is she supporting her sibling. Cart solicitations to please comprehend. Sanjay enters saying bhabhi is correct, one who commits error needs to comprehend and guarantees Anu that whatever may occur, her sibling is consistently with him. He leaves with Dolly saying he will take Meenu home toward the beginning of the day.

Nandini strolls to her home nursery to water plants and seeing Samar thinks back him proposing her. Samar attempts to leave. Nandini asks how are everybody at family. Samar says circumstance is awful at home and figures he can’t inconvenience Nandini for his family issues.

Kavya over telephone recommends Vanraj not to remain in a house where he isn’t regarded and should move to her home. Vanraj says his folks are irate on him, for that he can’t leave his folks and youngsters and move to her home; asks not to respond as he can’t take any choice. She says that is the reason he should come here. He says he needs to confront the circumstance and converse with his folks, however they are not prepared to converse with him, up to that point he can’t take any choice, so he needs some time. Kavya thinks she is concerned his folks may genuinely extort him and separate him from her. Vanraj thinks his family is generally essential to him, however Kavya is her ally.

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