The present scene begins with Rakhi saying no sooner she learned Vanraj lost his employment so she hurried to their home. Leela’s sibling asks Rakhi not to do counterfeit show as she will get wrinkle. Rakhi says she is here to offer occupation to Vanraj at her instructing focus. Hasmuk inquires as to whether she needs to make Vanraj MD of her training place.

Rakhi says to Hasmuk, he is mixed up as just agent opening is accessible at her training community and occupation suits Vanraj. Leela, Hasmuk gets disturbed hearing Rakhi. Rakhi says to them she was here to help them and they are misunderstaing her as it were. Anupama says to Rakhi that there is distinction among aiding and annoying. Rakhi says to Anupama she was concerned how Shah’s will run the house. Anupama says Lord Krishna runs the entire world hence, they can atleast run the house. She tells there is huge determination of Pariotsh and Kinjal and she accepts they will get uplifting news soon. Rakhi going to leave.

Partiosh inquires as to whether MD place is empty still at her training community. Anupama and Kinjal stands stunned. Rakhi requests that Paritosh talk about with his family prior to taking the choice. Notice Controlled By PLAYSTREAM Paritosh goes to his room. Kinjal goes behind Paritosh. She gets some information about his declaration. Paritosh attempts to cause Kinjal to comprehend that Vanraj lost his employment, Anupama is as of now adjusting house and occupation subsequently being a senior child he too needs to procure. Paritosh adds if grounds determination don’t occur than he will accept position at Rakhi’s instructing focus. Kinjal says to Paritosh, Rkahi is extending employment opportunity insipte realizing he isn’t able in light of the fact that her aim isn’t acceptable.

Paritosh and Kinjal contends with each. Kinjal thinks Paritosh is right however she has question on Rakhi’s goal. A while later, Samar advise to Anupama that chief choose to give her duty regarding yearly capacity and catering. Anupama and Nandini gets happy.There, Vanraj gets a call from his chief. Kavya asks Vanraj what he was saying. Vanraj says he is certain supervisor can’t lose utilize like him. Pakhi comes and requests that Kavya get her chilly espresso. Kavya goes.