Anu drives vehicle with Vanraj and expectations their girl is found. She says she won’t chide her, will say sorry over and again, will consistently go with her any place she goes, and will satisfy every one of her desires. Vanraj says even he will. She stops vehicle seeing a couple of guardians examining auditor concerning numerous young ladies being captured. A couple of young men pass by a recreation center and see Pakhi dozing on a seat. Pakhi awakens and gets strained seeing them. Rakhi calls Vanraj and educates his men discovered Pakhi at Bhavan circle. The two of them surge towards Bhavan circle. Pakhi flees seeing young men. Young men request that not go there as its extremely dim there and think they needed to help her, yet she figured they will make trouble with her; they trust she doesn’t fall in wrong hands. Pakhi apprehensive figures she shouldn’t have ventured out from home out of resentment and

saying ‘sorry’ guardians figures they should return and take her home. Two men stroll towards her. Rakhi over telephone gets Pakhi’s updates. Kavya strolls to her and asks when harmed transformed into amrith. Rakhi says she thought she is the greatest malevolence, however Kavya cross the cutoff points; how could be so remorseless when somebody’s little girl is lost.

Family proceeds with their anxiety for Pakhi. Sanjay says Pakhi ventured out from home out of frustration and should be apprehensive now around evening time. Mamaji says he saw a report about young lady hijacking group. Rakhi says she is concerned for a similar explanation. Bapuji says don’t have a clue what befallen Ahmedabad individuals. Baa requests that they quit, nothing will happen to her granddaughter, Thakurji will ensure her, and expectations Anu and Vanraj discover her soon.

Vanraj sees young men and showing Kavya’s pic inquires as to whether they saw this young lady. They say they saw this young lady sitting that side and fled when they attempted to help her. Anu asks bearing and heads towards it. A couple hijack Pakhi and convey her expecting to request emancipate from her folks and afterward sell her. Vanraj and Anu arrive at the spot calling Pakhi. Couple speedily get Pakhi into vehicle and attempt to begin vehicle. Pakhi mumbles mummy. Anu hears her. A few drives away. Anu runs behind vehicle yelling Pakhi is in that vehicle. Couple think they are far away from young lady’s folks and no one can get them. Police stops and gets them. Anu and Vanraj see Pakhi in secondary lounge and say they accomplished something Pakhi. Reviewer says they are proficient criminals and sell honest young ladies. Vanraj furiously holds guilty party’s collar and requests that auditor ensure they are thoroughly rebuffed.

Anu and Vanraj at that point bring Pakhi home. Specialist checks her and says she is oblivious as ruffians made her sniff a mesmerizing and will be fine soon. Rakhi asks how could they discover that Pakhi is in that vehicle. Vanraj says Anu discovered it out by means of mother sense, a mother can look through her infant even with shut eyes. Rakhi says nothing can be greatest GPS than mother. Vanraj says he was sitting with shut eyes, Anu noted down vehicle’s number and offered it to police. Bapuji expresses gratitude toward Anu. Anu says a mother instructs kids to recollect relatives’ and house versatile number and herself can’t fail to remember.

Vanraj says thanks to her for saving their little girl. Kavya keeps on getting desirous seeing this. Cart says let all us proceed to allow Pakhi to rest. Baa says she will be with Pakhi while Vanraj and Anu can spruce up. The two of them say no. Family leaves aside from Kavya. Vanraj requests that Anu spruce up and she leaves. After at some point, Anu thanks god for restoring her little girl and give all her bliss to her little girl and her little girl’s distresses to her. Rakhi inquires as to for what reason is she actually strained when Pakhi has returned. Baa says imagine a scenario where something had happened to Pakhi. Rakhi asks how might anything happen to their little girl, she would have utilized every one of her assets to discover her; she will leave her vehicle here for any crisis short-term. Baa says she admonished and offended Rakhi consistently, however she caused them today and isn’t so awful. Rakhi requests that she call her nagin itself. Baa smilingly says sufficient at this point. Rakhi wishes Jai Sri Krishna to everybody. Anu sincerely embraces and expresses gratitude toward her. Rakhi says moms fault themselves when a youngster tumbles down while strolling, so she shouldn’t fault herself as a couple of things are not even in a mother’s control. She wishes Jai Sri Krishna again to everybody and bye to Kavya and says she realizes she should feel forlorn as Mr. Shah isn’t her V and simply Pakhi’s father, her essence doesn’t make any difference to anybody here and she shouldn’t attempt her detestable deceives now or, more than likely her endeavors will go waste.

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