Today’s episode begins with Anupama, who talks openly to Devika. Anupama says that she has always won for others but now will live only for herself. Devika inspires Anupama. Next you will see that Anupama sees AMIS tattoo in Devika’s hand and decides to follow the same thing and follow the same thing. In the same way, Devika writes IKAI IN up in Anupama’s hand and asks her to remember it forever.

Next you will see that Anupama shouts his name and he turns around and comes back. Devika says that the night can be long, but morning gives. Devika says that Goddess Durga is also supporting her for her new journey.

Anupama 28 October 2020 Written Updates

Next you will see that she decides to go home in Napa. I come back to the house and look at the decorations. Anupama keeps her mangalsutra and closes her eyes, Hasmukh blesses Anupama while she is in the kitchen and he asks Anupama what happened to you last night.