At Anu’s cabin, Shah family women tattle with Anu. Nandini brings Baa’s #1 chips and Samar asks what all they missed. Anu sees embellishment outside and inquires as to whether there is some gathering. Cart says Kavya has requested that Advaith make courses of action for her wedding. Samar says Kavya is fantastic, he won’t go to her wedding. Anu says its likewise his daddy’s wedding and he ought to go for dad’s joy. Pakhi gets some information about their bliss. Anu requests that Baa clarify them. Baa says she, at the end of the day, won’t go. Advaith strolls in and says he needs Anu’s pre-arranged tea. Anu cheerfully goes to get ready tea. On the othe side, Kavya while returning back reveals to Vanraj that she is exceptionally energized for her marriage and at this point Advaith would have designed a mantap in retreat. She stops vehicle and goes to get desserts for everybody. Vanraj gets more baffled attempting to release his safety belt and thinks he is trapped. Anu offers tea and snacks to Advaith. Baa messes with Adi that she has a relative with long hair, will she fix her union with him. He gestures no. Samar asks him when is the medical procedure. Adi says at whatever point he gets specialist’s date. Toshu asks her not to stress. Anu says for what reason should she when she has her kids, mother like Baa, and sister like Dolly are with her; she actually needs to see Toshu’s children, Samar’s prosperity, Pakhi’s wedding, and Samar’s wedding. Adi requests that she save her uplifting perspective for her rapid recuperation. Baa inquires as to whether she didn’t consider her. Anu says she needs to hear Baa’s insults. Baa says she doesn’t hear her out and rather chastens her. Anu says as a little girl, its her right. Baa bends her ears and says its her right. The two of them snicker.

Vanraj returns and gets more disappointed seeing everybody appreciating in Anu’s house. Kavya noisily gets down on Anu to come. Everybody stroll to her. Kavya gives Baa and everybody desserts saying her separation is finished today. She reveals to Anu that she realizes Anu isn’t that energized like she was during Anu’s separation and attempts to take care of her enthusiastically saying today her separation occurred and tomorrow its her marriage. Anu takes care of her first and praises her. Kavya requests that Adi make courses of action consummately and requests Samar and Nandini to accept care from dance execution as she needs everything to be awesome and doesn’t need it to be exhausting. She requests that Baa get ready mehandi for her. Toshu, Samar, and Pakhi talk about that god is rebuffing them with a stage mother, they haven’t figured out how to remain without mummy yet and Kavya is constrained on them now, everything is changing in their life.

Kavya cheerfully moves on Manva Laage… melody and envisions Vanraj hitting the dance floor with her. Anu seeing that thinks Kavya looks cheerful, yet Mr Shah looks strained. Baa grinds mehandi raging on Kavya and seeing Anu coming rehashes that she is burnt out on crushing mehandi. Anu says she heard it however won’t help her, she can crush mehandi in blender. Baa common reprimands her. Anu giggles and afterward requests to address her child once as there shouldn’t be any issue in a major capacity. Baa says whatever requirements to happen will occur, she can’t stop downpour on the off chance that it occurs. Anu says they can hold umbrella however and its dependent upon them whether to open umbrella or douse in downpour.

Kavya blindfolds Vanraj and shows him their wedding dresses, says he will resemble her ruler in this sherwani. Pakhi strolls to Vanraj and gives his telephone. Kavya says great she came, gives her Vanraj’s sherwani, and leaves holding her wedding dress. Pakhi says till now she caught wind of fathers getting enthusiastic seeing little girl’s wedding dress, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to respond. Kavya at that point strolls to Nandini and says she needs her to prepare her as she needs to be the most delightful lady and inquires as to whether the pink dress will suit her. Baa strolls to Vanraj and inquires as to why he looks dull. He says he is fine. She says even he should move enthusiastically like Kavya and educates that she grounded mehandi for the wellbeing of Kavya reluctant for Vanraj. Vanraj expresses gratitude toward her. Baa says she is tenderizing bahu for child while she needs to bring bahu for grandson. Vanraj says Anu had tuned in to him, the present circumstance wouldn’t have shown up. She inquires as to whether he tuned in to Anu; he was appearing as though Thakurji when he turned into a husband to be interestingly, presently he is wedding Kavya who can be a decent spouse yet can’t be a decent mother and MIL. He says Baa should allow her an opportunity. Baa says even he realizes she cant, she can’t turn into Anu’s shadow. She inquires as to whether he needs to wed or not as she hasn’t seen satisfaction all over; he should turn into a man of the hour in the event that he glad and in the event that he isn’t, he should drop the thought.

Nandini chooses adornments and cosmetics topic for Kavya. Kavya expresses gratitude toward her and says she figured Nandini would be caught up with cleaning Anu’s tears. Nandini says they wipe tears of miserable individuals, Anu is glad and requested to go to Kavya’s wedding. Kavya says whatever and asks on which melody she and Samar will move. Nandini says she isn’t certain as Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu are not coming. Kavya asks who told they are not coming.

Anu brings jamun natural product for her kids and Dolly. They reprove her for climbing tree. Cart giggles. They say they lost an opportunity of chastening mummmy for the first tiem. They all appreciate jamun. Cart asks how might she be so typical when bhai is wedding. Anu says she was nevertheless not currently. Pakhi says she ought to have requested that they wed in Ahmedabad and not here. Toshu inquires as to why she isn’t troubled, and so forth Anu says everybody merits satisfaction and as opposed to troubling others, they should think about their joy; at any rate guruji has instructed her to disregard. Pakhi inquires as to whether she will go to wedding. Anu says yes and asks what are they wearing. Samar says they won’t go to the wedding. Anu says their dad is an awful spouse yet an awesome dad, so they ought to be a piece of his bliss. Pakhi says they are disturbed. Anu requests to be content for individuals who are glad.