In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Anupama is asleep and suddenly opens her life and she starts behaving like crazy, see that Anupama goes out and she comes to the falling hole when she reaches there. So she collides there and falls directly on the pavilion and when she sees the pavilion,

She starts remembering what happened earlier in her life when she still sees the photo, she gets very strange when When she falls on the pavilion, she takes off her mangalsutra and brings a match box from the temple and starts burning fire in it and starts putting her mangalsutra in it till then Vedika comes there and maintains that Anupama, you should take care of yourself now. Enough, you have to manage yourself.

Let’s see for whom, she takes him to the hills far away from home and there she tells Anupama that if you say something, we see that the name of Vedic Anupama is elevated. The voice resonates and also tells Anupama that if you say something for yourself now you see that Anupama starts screaming and I When Vedika starts scaring you that she has to do something, you see that Anupama starts running away screaming,

Then she shows it very hard and manages to handle it and slaps her. And she feels bad about who has slapped her and she hugs him again, you see that Vedika takes care of her saying that in 25 years she became a good daughter-in-law, a good mother, but a good daughter Banna forgot and she She says that I did not know that the urn which we hit in our in-laws, and the rice is shattered from it, in fact, it indicates that leaving our previous life and starting the next life, not breaking our dreams and starting from life.

We go upstairs and people say that how good the mehndi is, they do not know what its dreams are and when the daughter-in-law comes to her in-laws, she forgets her dreams and starts living like others. Start living with her and she says that whenever she yelled at me I did not say anything to her I never responded back to Gay, I never went to the maternal house.


Because she did not like to go there and she says that she even told me that she smelled of spices and also said that her intention to marry me was the most. It was a big mistake and I did not even understand mad that what is said in anger is true and says that whatever happiness came after that was fake for me and then you and request told me to show me the mirror of truth But I had unwavering faith in them and she says that I would have fought God even for them but I can never forget what they did to me, they have scattered me completely so Anupama says but not now Now I will live according to my calculations, then you see that Anupama is standing there she calls her name and when she calls her name, it is only in the morning that this episode ends here.