In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when the people of the house get to know all the truth about Manraj, then everyone comes home and they are very upset, similarly, you see that Anupama Veer is very upset and he works with his mind Saying that I have to give medicine to Babuji and father right now,

she goes to the kitchen and brings milk and biscuits to her father-in-law and tells them that you eat it and then take medicine, then her babu ji would say All the people in this house do their own wish, so I will not listen to anyone, I will not take medicine, then you say please do not insist at what time do you listen to me, but take this medicine only then Babu ji says that I told you How many times I told you to tell me the truth,

then I did not make you stubborn that you tell me right now. I thought that a story would be heard between husband and wife but I did not know that there was anything in this relationship. It is not then Anupam starts crying and she says that if you take medicine first then he takes the medicine and says that now tell me the truth that all this Anupama looks at the family members who know all this and Babu ji is surprised to hear that almost all the members of the family knew this but none of them .

He does not tell her anything, only then he tries to know the truth from Anupama but Anupama is trying to hide something again only when her mother-in-law speaks angrily and she says that you did not tell when people first knew you but When you have come to know everything, then we have to know the truth, we do not want a story, we are auspicious from there that everything has been going on for the last 8 years and upon hearing this Babu ji breaks completely.

Then Anupama goes on crying in the kitchen, then everyone starts telling the truth about how those people came to know about this, when Anupama’s mother-in-law knows all this, then I go straight to the door and there Vanraj comes home after some time when I come home and reaches the door, his mother slaps him and tells him that I am ashamed of being your mother today. You are my son, when he comes in, she brings her arm Anupama in front of her and says that since she has come to this house by marriage,

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I have not missed an opportunity to listen and taunt and praise you. My tongue did not get tired and after 25 years your babu ji became its father but I could never become its mother when it did not give you food even once after 25 years, I still misunderstood it and said that it is very flying It is engaging but I did not know that it could be your fault even in this, I did not say that it was your fault,

I told the same thing for this thing, till date I thought that my breath was gone but it was like my diamond I left the coal for my son, but I did not know that this one-day heera will blacken our mouth, see the way that it narrates its 52 secrets very much and says that you have proved to me absolutely that you are a good son No husband, you should be ashamed. You are the father of 3 children. If this mistake was made by your children, then how soon and why did you make this mistake?

B goes to Anupama and apologizes to her, Forgive me that whatever I have heard to you till date says that you are older, you do not do this only then after that again go to Manraj and ask her That is why you did this, otherwise Raj speaks angrily that everyone is shocked because of Anupama and hearing this episode ends here.