Anupama 26 February 2021 Written Update


The present scene begins with Anupama saying to Vanraj in the event that he needs he can meet Pakhi. Vanraj says he will converse with her once she will chill off. He drink water. Anupama apologize to Vanraj for talking impolitely with him before all. Vanraj says it is on the grounds that she was agonizing over Pakhi. Anupama discloses to Vanraj that Pakhi is during a time where they can’t lose cool on her. Vanraj concur and apologize to Anupama as well. Kavya come and Anupama Vanraj quits talking. Vanraj requests that Kavya go inside as they will come later. Kavya think what Anupama and Vanraj was talking that made them stand quiet seeing her. She think if Anupama over heard her and Rakhi’s discussion. Kavya go. Vanraj requests that Anupama call Pakhi for the supper. Anupama says to Vanraj that they should allow her chill to off. She says she will continue to check upon Pakhi time to time. Vanraj attempts to help Anupama in the kitchen. Anupama says to Vanraj it is acceptable to help however Leela will not process her child is working in the kitchen. Vanraj stands shocked. Ahead, Shah’s sit for the supper. Kavya says she will help in serving. Leela requests that Kavya sit and simply have the food.

Rakhi asks Kavya when she will get hitched with Vanraj. Leela requests that Kavya have food else it will stall out in her throat. Kinjal intrudes on Leela. Ahead, Anupama orchestrate a food plate for Pakhi. Vanraj helps Anupama in serving. Rakhi says it is acceptable. Anupama takes nourishment for Pakhi. She requests that Pakhi have food and don’t locate her in the room. Anupama discovers Pakhi’s letter. She calls out for Vanraj and gives her letter. Anupama says Pakhi isn’t in the room. Also, she discover this letter. She requests that Vanraj read it. Pakhi’s letter read, that both Anupama and Vanraj don’t adore her along these lines she is venturing out from home for eternity. Vanraj read further, Anupama got new girl as Kinajl and Vanraj has Kavya. She compose she is leaving Anupama and Vanraj for eternity. Anupama and Vanraj the two cries and rushes to discover Pakhi. Shah’s also races to discover Pakhi.


Rakhi calls magistrate and puts forth and attempt to discover Pakhi. Leela gets hypnotized seeing Rakhi. Rakhi offers water to Leela and asks her not to stress as all will be well. Cart says she simply trust Pakhi don’t do anything incorrectly as her temper is most exceedingly terrible. Anupama and Vanraj searches for Pakhi. Vanraj separates post not discovering Pakhi. He says he is certifiably not a decent dad.


Anupama says to Vanraj she is similarly to blame. Both lament battling and not ready to deal with Pakhi. Anupama asks Vanraj not to sit around idly and discover Pakhi. She drives a vehicle for Vanraj. Vanraj asks Anupama from where mother gets such an extensive amount mental fortitude.


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