The present scene begins with Shah’s moving ‘dil dhadkaye’ melody. Leela says family members yet showed up however tattoo young lady is here. Devika says yes. Samar requests that Sanjay focus on dance else young ladies will win. Nandini says young ladies will win. Pakhi says she is cheerful on the grounds that Vanraj will come to remain with them for 2 days. Hasmuk and Anupama take a gander at one another.

Hasmuk says to Anupama he realizes it won’t be simple for her. Anupama sit stunned. Paritosh and Kinjal come. The two looks upset. Anupama calls Paritosh and Kinjal to go to her. She requests that they be cheerful. Devika calls Paritosh and Kinjal to rehearse dance too as they are accomplishing for their wedding. Shah’s dance on ‘Dil Dhadkaye’ tune. Anupama expresses gratitude toward God and requests that Lord keep the family bliss alive. There, Rakhi see herself in a mirror. She sings ‘Aaj Na Chodenge Tumhe Dum DumaDum’ melody. She sees an envelope.

Further, Anupama catchs Vanraj. Vanraj says to Anupama that he heard she don’t care for his essence. He asks Anupama he trusts she won’t do any show. Anupama answers to Vanraj, he just cited she isn’t care for him than how she can do the show. Anupama goes. Opposite side, Kavya reviews Anupama and Vanraj’s statement.

Ahead, Paritosh and Kinjal’s pre-wedding capacity begins. Nandini come and Samar gets stricken seeing her. He furtively waves rupee on Nandini to take-off eyes from her. Nandini see Samar yet don’t respond. Leela says all came aside from Rakhi and Parmod. She says in the event that she won’t come on time than they won’t hang tight for her. Rakhi enters. She purposely hurt Anupama. Anupama says she isn’t harmed as she is important for a family now. Rakhi says she neglected to keep footwear out. Bailu asks Rakhi is she also fails to remember things like him. Rakhi tosses the footwear. Bailu says Rakhi has tossed the shoe same way like Leela tossed paper today. Vanraj says why the news was in paper all knew it. Rakhi gets some information about Kavya. Shah’s stands stunned. Further, Rakhi demands Anupama and Vanraj to perform dance together. Kinjal uphold Anupama and requests that her perform solo dance. Anupama dance on ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo’ tune. She hauls Rakhi too for the dance. Everybody acclaim both. Next, Samar and Nandini dance. Then, Rakhi believes Shah’s can appreciate as they are ignorant regarding the impending tempest in their life. (Scene Ends)