Anupama 25 September 2020:- In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Paritosh and Kinjal’s drink gets drunk, everyone is very upset, even after a while, the ring is not found, only then does Kinjal’s father say that the function is over now That is why we go from here now, only then you see that Kanjar’s parents leave from there, then Anupama’s breath starts stealing how you rotated the ring, it is also very upset that where did the ring go after that you see that Some of R’s members start saying that we should inform the police now because there is a ring land of 500000 if a little bit still goes on, but such a fancy wedding is lost, so who should we form the police to help us? Can Kamayani say what is needed to tell the police? Does Haring get stolen and everyone starts looking at him, then Kamini says that I mean to say that if the drink is stolen then only talking to the police Then Anupama’s mother-in-law tells her that no outsider has come to the house, so how can the ring be stolen? At the same time, I do not say that all the outsiders are seen here, only then Kavya and Nandini feel that she is telling her, then Nandni tells Kamini that you do one, you search us and I give the keys of my house to you too, but there you can confirm that if the ring is not there, then the work does not get nervous and then she says that I am not talking about you people.

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So and she says that I am talking about this maid, when she says this, Anupama comes from there and she tells Kamini to be quiet and tells her that Jhilmil is like my sister It is not like a sister, it is my sister, I can believe it more than my sister and I believe that it will never break my faith, then you see that Anupama tells Kamini that it is easy to doubt anyone But it is very difficult to believe in anyone. I told you in the morning that you are thinking wrong about it and I am still saying that you will not say anything about it now only then she says that Now you just think about the ring where the ring has gone, then you see that both Anupama and Samar go to the room, Samar starts telling her that the mother has not really stolen the ring, then the experience starts thinking Who can steal, then Summer says that we can find out, then his mother says that the thief can be detected only for two reasons if he is caught stealing and then caught with stolen goods. That’s when I start planning something. After a while, you see that Anupama loves food for the family and puts food on the dining table. After eating the food, when everyone is sitting in the hall, there will be summer. And he happily calls his mother and he says that the mother has found the ring.

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All the people are very happy to hear this, but Kamini is very surprised how the ring was found, then you see that Samar brings the ring to her mother and he gives it to her when Anupama’s mother-in-law is also very happy It is only then that you see that when Anupama sees her, she does not ring, but both she and Samar are pretending that the ring has been found, only when Anupama sees Damini’s fashion while seeing everyone’s facial expressions. But when she starts getting suspicious, Kamini goes there because she stole the affectionate ring and she goes out of her bag to chat about how the ring came to these people then you give that when Kamini comes to her room When she goes to check in, she rings the ring and I am very happy to see her and she starts saying who Samar got the ring and Samar was saying that he got the same ring. It is then that Anupama was there and she says that so that I know your truth that I have stolen you, this is how you see that the maid falls from her hand and is terrified Then Kamini starts apologizing to her, then Anupama says that you have broken my faith, I can never forgive you, only then Kama does not say that I am poor, so I had greed and then Anupama says That Greb can eat by asking but cannot think of stealing. If you want to get more than what God has given you, do not work hard. Ram sees that Anupama explains to him a lot, so today’s episode is here It ends.

Anupama 25 September 2020 episode written update

In tomorrow’s episode, you will be shown that when Samar is in his house, he calls his mother high on the earphone and only then you see that Vanraj and Kavya are sitting there in full, but they are having a meeting but Summer starts shouting there and then you see that Vanraj shouts dedication and says to him that I have made you study to shout this scream. Is Samar saying that dance is my fashion, so don’t say anything about it You see that when Kavya overhears Samar talking like this, she tells him that you don’t want to talk to your father only then Anupam, etc and tells him that you can do poetry only between my husband and son I can speak but someone outside says I can’t stand it? All this will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode.