Anupama 25 march 2021 written updates

The present scene begins with Samar remaining at entryway step. Nandini comes. Samar gets entranced seeing Nandini’s excellence. The two commendations each other through eyes. Vanraj come and Pakhi inquire as to whether the rangoli is acceptable. Vanraj praise Pakhi. He see Nandini and goes to Samar and inquire as to whether he hasn’t halted his affection relationship with Nandini.

Samar see Kavya and inquire as to whether he hasn’t halted his adoration holy messenger with Kavya? He adds, he is Anupama’s child however with regards to relationship he takes after Vanraj. Vanraj stands stunned. Here, Dolly advise to Kinjal and Shah’s the way Vanraj dread tones. Vanraj and others chuckle. Kavya and Nandini come as well. Leela request that Anupama tell ‘holika dahan’ story. Anupama recounts the tale of Prahalad. She closes the story saying in the fire of holika one should consume their inward evilness. Leela insults Kavya. Kavya think she is the person who will allow her resentment to continue to consume like the fire.


Anupama light the holikadahan fire. Leela request that Vanraj consume coconut. Kavya runs and offer it to Vanraj. Anupama and Shah’s stands stunned. Pakhi offers coconut to Anupama. Leela signals Anupama to proceed to impart the custom to Vanraj. Kavya see Pakhi and think once she will go into the house than she won’t just encourage last habits yet will show her great exercise.


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Leela request that all do garba. She request that Vanraj take out coconut from the fire. Vanraj’s hands gets singed. Anupama stress for Vanraj. Kavya comes to check Vanraj’s injury as well. Anupama bring ice. Kavya inquire as to whether she don’t have first-air box. Leela says Anupama is sufficient. She adds at each holi and Diwali she keep emergency treatment box prepared. Kavya see medical aid box and endeavors to fix Vanraj. Pakhi takes the case and says she will do. Kavya see Pakhi and says Pakhi is intentionally attempting to remove her from Vanraj.


Shah’s dance on mauja howdy mauja melody. Anupama gets sorrowful seeing family moving together. Ahead, Anupama searches for her stud. Kavya gives Anupama her hoop. Anupama says thank. Kavya blame Anupama that she is utilizing her youngsters to isolate her from Vanraj. Anupama gives a befitting answer to Kavya and says she don’t need to play a card game to isolate her from Vanraj. She says her one ‘no’ is sufficient to stop the separation. Read more……..


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