Anupama 25 January 2021 Written Update


Anu faces Vanraj that she held up a ton imagining that he would wed Kavya and cut off their association, yet he would not like to be both of Kavya or her, subsequently she took a choice of separating from him. Baa says a spouse forfeits her life for husband and isn’t anything without husband’s name. Anu says she is correct that a lady isn’t anything without her significant other’s name, yet ought to be; she will attempt be a mother, girl, and DIL without being a spouse and will even kick the bucket attempting it; there won’t be anything half in her life. Vanraj asks Toshu, Baa, and Pakhi that everybody does botches and even he did, he simply needed to re-visitation of them as his family is essential to him, however Anu’s self-importance and conscience is critical to her; he was sorry Anu in sanctuary and mentioned to rebuff him, yet she would not like to pardon him. Anu yells to stop and says he needed to get back and she never prevent him from getting back and follow his obligation of a child and a dad, she won’t ever prevent him from meeting them as just 1 relationship finished and rests are flawless; he can assert her anything other than not state that anything is imperative to her than family; he generally claimed others for his mix-ups; he went to Kavya as he had issues with her and said she was ill suited for him, unskilled, crude, and smell masalas; he returned here charging Kavya that she didn’t deal with him and now he needs turns into my better half again and asserting me for not allowing him to get one; either gharwali/insider or baharwali/outside, man thinks just lady is at botch and even lady acknowledges it as she is educated to get extraordinary, however she would not like to become incredible and simply needs to be a human; she needn’t bother with his cash or anything; they lied for a very long time and she has great recollections alongside awful, so he shouldn’t ruin them and answer to his separation notice soon. Vanraj says his attorney will answer to her lawful notification and he will break her haughtiness soon, she committed an error by testing Vanraj Shah and he will show her need he can.

Pakhi says she doesn’t mind who committed an error, yet she needs her consistently; by petitioning for a separation, mummy constrained her to pick among him and her, she picks him and needs to go with him. Vanraj leaves holding her hand. Baa cries arguing him not to go. Bapuji stops her. Anu runs behind Pakhi and stops her. Vanraj says when she broke the house, individuals will break without a doubt. Pakhi says she needs to go with daddy. Anu says she needs her mom’s endowments when she is leaving house. Pakhi says she doesn’t abhor her, yet she isn’t understanding what she implies. Anu says dad cherishes her and he won’t ever prevent her from busy, she should deal with herself, she is stressed as she is disappearing from her unexpectedly, she shouldn’t inconvenience father. Vanraj says if her talking is done, they will leave as they are getting late. Anu stands requesting Pakhi to take care from herself while vehicle leaves. Sequential’s title track plays out of sight. Anu gets back. Baa shouts first she kicked her child out of house and now her granddaughter.


Anu goes into Pakhi’s room and cries seeing her stuff. Ek plays out of sight. She cries plentifully holding Pakhi’s school sack. Baa strolls to her and tossing strings towards her says Pakhi joined these strings figuring her folks will remain together; she broke the house and should break these strings additionally; she saw different ladies breaking others house, yet not herself breaking her own home; in the event that she shows some care or stone in her chest, her better half and little girl ventured out from home, and, after its all said and done her heart didn’t soften; her child accomplished such a great deal for her, apologized her so often, battled with Rakhi, and so forth, even god would have dissolved with this, however she didn’t; she isn’t the principal lady to bear this, yet she is acting to such an extent. She keeps hollering and charging her.


Vanraj re-visitations of Kavya’s home. She asks where was he. He says Anupama sent him separate from notice, so he had returned home. Pakhi strolls behind him. He says he trusts she wouldn’t fret. Kavya thinking back Vanraj telling that his family and kids are generally imperative to her says Pakhi is her best pal and she wouldn’t fret. She inquires as to whether she should arrange pizza and sits with her visiting. Vanraj seeing separation notice thinks Anu talked a great deal today, yet they state sau sunar ki ek lohar ki, she should hang tight for his assault.

Baa proceeds with that there is an age to battle, she became Niruprai and didn’t battle when she needed to and is battling now in Niruparai’s age; she has become saas now, individuals talk when couple separate, feel sorry for when guardians separation, and snicker when saas and sasur separate; this age is of going to journey and not going to court; she consumed her own relationship; she will acknowledge when Pakhi won’t be hitched and accused saying she should resemble her mom, she didn’t think once and broke her home. Anu inquires as to whether she sold out or him. Baa says he. Anu says he sold out and committed error, why she is showing her; she is rehashing same words to acknowledge disloyalty as she is a lady and ruin her dignity for her significant other. Baa shouts how will she manage her self confidence, she ought to fail to remember it and focus on her family. Anu says lady lives on affection and confidence, love is gone and she will be gone if her self confidence is no more. Baa hollers to stop these words, individuals will snicker on them. Anu says individuals giggled in any event, when Vanraj left with Kavya. Baa says she slapped Vanraj and finished the issue. Anu requests to slap her likewise and end the issue; the general public she is discussing didn’t come to sympathize with her torment, wipe her tears or empower her, why might it come to scrutinize her; when the general public couldn’t care less about her, even she couldn’t care less about society; she needs to live with nobility and inhale uninhibitedly, instead of being alluded as left by spouse, she needs to be alluded as she left her significant other; Pakhi’s folks won’t be separate, she is separating from her better half, lady is educated to suffocate consistently, yet she needs to figure out how to inhale unreservedly and she is learning same. She restores her Pakhi’s strings and leaves.


Vanraj, Pakhi, and Kavya appreciate pizzas. Pakhi goes to bring cold beverages. Vanraj says its only 2 days and Pakhi may restore tomorrow itself. Kavya says its OK, she wouldn’t fret with Pakhi’s essence. Vanraj says she and Pakhi can rest on bed and he will rest on lounge chair. She says she has moving bed and Pakhi can rest on that. He says it would be abnormal. She says there isn’t anything to feel off-kilter, Pakhi realizes we are together and even at home he and Anu had separate room. He trusts so. Pakhi figures Anu probably sent Pakhi here with the goal that she and Vanraj shouldn’t get to know one another, yet Vanraj got back to her after a great deal of trouble and she won’t let him motivation to go.

Samar meets Nandini and says it is difficult to acknowledge mummy and dad’s separation. Nandini says if 2 individuals are not viable with one another, its better they separate. Samar trusts mummy stays upbeat after separation. Nandini says society can’t see a lady glad. His companions standing close by insult that they can’t see Samar’s joy. Samar cautions to be in cutoff points. They state he ought to have shown his dad and chuckle that his dad left with an angel leaving his unskilled mother, and so on Samar irately junks them.


Neighbors accumulate. Mamaji seeing that gets down on family. Toshu and Kinjal go along with them and refuse hooligans. Hooligans flee. Neighbors examine this family has show every day, sooner father and now child. Samar indignantly strolls home. Rakhi watches dramatization and smiles. Family surges behind Samar and inquires as to why he lost his quiet, he didn’t battle when Pakhi was harassed, what happened now. Anu asks Nandini what occurred there. Samar thinks back hooligans offending Anu and says on the off chance that they affront his mom, he will junk them more than once. Anu says individuals are adjusted to insult, they can’t quiet down.

He says he can break their mouth at that point and strolls to his room. Kinjal discloses to Anu that Samar’s displeasure is substantial, she will address him and all that will be okay. Rakhi enters saying truly? Toshu checks Samar’s injiuries and thanks god that nothing genuine occurred, he will deal with hooligans. Samar says he will go with him. Tosu says his senior sibling is sufficient to deal with them and embracing him supports him. Rakhi remarks that after dad ventured out from home, child turned into a hooligan and may kill sometime in the not so distant future. Kinjal avoids even mentioning that sort will occur, its those thugs’ error as they were rubbishing about mummy and father.

Rakhi says gracious is it. Baa inquires as to whether she won’t feel terrible in the event that somebody affronts her dad. Rakhi says her dad didn’t have an unsanctioned romance, his better half didn’t go to her home, or her folks didn’t separate; if dramatization occurs, individuals will snicker, applaud, and whishle. B aa says she will slap her. Rakhi says she can comprehend Anu’s torment, her business head educated that Vanraj got back to Kavya’s home with Pakhi, presently Samar battled, how could Anu endure so a lot; she even heard Anu sent separation notice to Vanraj; she is truly extraordinary; in the event that she didn’t have back agony or Anu’s feet are not messy, she would have contacted her feet. Kinjal says she told this mockingly, however mummy is truly extraordinary. Rakhi inquires as to whether significance is greater than family, separate in this age, society won’t give her or her family live access harmony. Read More…

Vanraj takes Pakhi with him notice Anu that he will break her self-importance. Anu runs behind Pakhi crying. Read More…

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