Today’s episode begins with Rakhi, at which time Shah said that according to today’s plan, all the meals will be dinner in the best. Leland revolts with his mother. Cheerful says that he should not bother Rakhi that the engine begins to understand that having dinner in the dining area will give Nandni a chance to confess her feelings. That is why he agrees to this. Anupama also agrees later for this and Rakhi thinks that a big blast is going to happen tonight.

Later you will see three pamas say that this will be my first party in which I am not cooking and will only make jashn. On seeing another Kavya, Vanraj smiles. Kavya and Vanraj spend time together. Vanraj asks Kavya to go out but she says that we will celebrate birthday in this room only.

Kavya looks at her birthday decorations and smiles, thanking Manraj.

On the other hand, Manraj proposes to Kavya and also government her that I love her very much. The village accepts Uniraj. Rakhi gives a strong blow to Manraj and Karya. Anupama and others also come there.

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