Anupama 24 march 2021 written updates

The present scene begins with Vanraj going into his room. He gets a sorry card from Pakhi. Pakhi apologizes Vanraj for acting mischievously with him. She request that he excuse her for his conduct. Pakhi expresses gratitude toward Vanraj for bringing her home. Ahead, Vanraj see reptile and get frightened. Anupama goes to the room hearing Vanraj. Vanraj request that Anupama get freed off reptile.

Anupama ask Vanrja for what good reason he is so holy of reptile. Vanraj says he is hallowed simply minimal scared of reptile. Anupama ridicules Vanraj for getting frightened of a reptile. The two chuckles. Leela and Pakhi see Anupama and Vanraj snickering. Leela says to Pakhi this appears to be a fantasy. Pakhi ask Leela can’t this blessing from heaven? Leela request Pakhi to trust from the best. Next morning, Leela makes bhog for Lord Krishna. Hasmuk ask Leela for what reason she is making bhog today. Leela says she is upbeat on the grounds that Kavya is out from the home.


Hasmuk says he also disliking Kavya remaining at the house with no legitimate relationship. Leela ask Hasmuk than for what good reason he didn’t toss Kavya out from the house. Hasumk says in light of the fact that Vanraj and Anupama both bliss matters a great deal.


Pakhi yells and Shah’s goes to check her. Pakhi says uncle is pouring tone on her. Samar ask Uncle for what good reason he is playing tone as holi is tomorrow. Anupama holds Samar’s ear and says he is doing trick with Uncle as he is pouring tone on Pakhi. All chuckles. Leela request that Anupama get plans for holikdahan as this year Holi ought to be ideal.

Anupama says this year Holi will be amazing as it is last holi with them. Shah’s stands paralyzed. Vanraj hear Anupama as well. Leela ask Anupama post going out she won’t come to meet her. Anupama says she will come as a visitor. She further request that Shah’s attention on present. Vanraj and Anupama the two feels terrible.


Ahead, Kinjal inquire as to whether anything is left to do than she will do. Anupama recommend Kinjal later she needs to assume control over the house hence, she should begin rehearsing now. Kinjal stands sorrowful. Vanraj inquire as to whether she is fine and offers her tissue. Kinjal says post Anupama will take off from the house, entire house will require hanky.

Afterward, Kavya request that Vanraj drop her office. Pakhi requests Vanraj to drop her and Anupama as well. Vanraj stands shock. Anupama ask Pakhi wouldn’t she be able to do little for Vanraj as he consider her a great deal. Pakhi causes Anupama to sit in the vehicle. She request that Kavya sit as well. Vanraj gets upbeat. Kavya says post Vanraj’s separation she will take front seat.


There, Samar and Nandini invest energy and Vanraj recognizes the team. Late around evening time, Shah’s get ready for Holikadahan. Leela weeps for Anupama. Anupama comfort Leela and attempts to perk her up. Both talk with one another. Leela appeals to God for Anupama and Vanraj’s fellowship. Read more.. .. ……

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