Baa inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t she be able to fail to remember. She says to fail to remember, she needs to fail to remember her dignity and her character. Baa inquires as to whether her self esteem is greater than her family. She says nothing is significant than family, however family is worked with affection which their relationship need.

Vanraj says he needed to get back and begun cherishing her, yet she denied him. She says once she denied, he got back to Kavya; his adoration evaporated before a line on paper; he may cherish riding 2 boats, yet she can’t; he is harmed as she is cutting off this association;

in a general public where a lady is even directed what to cook, when she petitions for a separation, clearly he is harmed; she won’t allow him to remain at 2 places and is closing one entryway for all time. Vanraj takes Pakhi with him notice Anu that he will break her self-importance. Anu runs behind Pakhi crying. Read More…..