Anupama 24 February 2021 Written Update


The present scene begins with Kavya saying to Rakhi that in the event that she needed to hear each one of those thing than she isn’t right as she isn’t wanting to hurt anybody. Kavya says she isn’t day by day cleanser vamp yet an ordinary young lady who needs a typical life and Vanraj in her life. She adds she recalls Anupama’s assertion where she caused her to comprehend that a man can never leave his family for anybody simply like lady do.

Kavya says if alongside Vanraj she needs to acknowledge his family too than she don’t have any issue. Rakhi says to Kavya that she is as yet doing acting. Kavya requests that Rakhi think anything she desires to think. Ahead, Pakhi presents Leela and Hasmuk. Leela and Hasmuk dance on Vanraj’s birthday event. Shah’s dance alongside Vanraj. Kavya dance around Vanraj and everybody stands stunned.


Pakhi see Anupama remaining solitary. She calls Anupama to the dance floor and requests that she dance as well. Anupama going to leave. Leela asks Anupama she instruct dance to the world yet not moving at home gathering. Anupama says her family is upbeat than why she won’t move. Anupama gives an independent exhibition, melody ‘aaj phir jeene ki tammna hai’ plays out of sight.


Rakhi says to Kavya that while she was moving all were dazed. Yet, when Anupama is moving all are getting a charge out of. Kavya asks Rakhi not to place oil in the fire when there is no fire as it were. Anupama dance and Vanraj see her.

Shah’s dance together once more. Kavya enters the gathering and hit the dance floor with Vanraj. Pakhi leaves the spot. Kavya goes behind Pakhi. Pakhi asks Kavya wouldn’t she be able to see Vanraj is content with his family. She blows up on Kavya. Kavya asks Pakhi for what reason she is getting into mischief with her. Pakhi asks Kavya not to imagine she is sweet.


Kavya asks Pakhi not to play with her else she will isolate Vanraj from her as well. Angry Pakhi sprinkles cold beverage all over. Kavya yells and everybody gets shocked.Kavya control the circumstance and criticizes Pakhi. Anupama requests that Pakhi apologize to Kavya.



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