In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that when it is morning he is getting mood today and that he is rough and Anupama was telling him that why did you do this to me and she is asking questions but something After a while, he comes to know that I was his name, then you go there and give milk like that and say that already the mother is ill and you have no food.

If you have fallen ill, then you do not even need milk, only then Koshi also says that if you want to talk, I trust you completely. You can talk to me. Sometimes we start thinking that I am Toshi If you can tell, you see that he tells Toshi that all this has happened because of Kavya and he says that when I was getting a pen.

So when I went to my room, when I entered the room, Kavya was already there and she was very angry, she forcibly grabbed my shirt and fell on the bed as soon as I got hold of it and I just could not handle myself and I She too fell there and at the same time, Anupama came into the room and she saw everything, due to which she fainted, then Samar says that Papa, I have full trust in you.

I will definitely understand you on the other side because time is crying a lot and he is loving to Nandini why does this happen to my mother who thinks about everyone and never wants anyone’s bad but with her Why is it always bad, why does his happiness get noticed and he starts crying a lot.

Nandini explains to her that you have to do her now and you have to remember that if your mother’s senses come, I will not see you crying like a love son, then the summer is silent and on the other side, see that Vardharaj in his room It seems that Anupama’s bag stops her from the front and tells her that I told Anupama that you will not be allowed inside the room until you sleep but I don’t want one but what have you done with my friend I definitely want to know about this, till then Anupama starts extinguishing her and Manraj goes to the father and she sees it, then she remembers it all.

Anupama 24 October 2020 Update

The one who saw her before she fainted and angrily kills her and starts to run away from that bed and tries to stop her but she runs away from there, only then everyone has a voice only when they come forward Days take care of their mother, but when she sees, she starts behaving like crazy, then she says that all three of you take it to your room, then when I hear the name of the room, then she would say that I should not go to the room only. Handling her, she says sorry sweetie that if she walks into her daughter’s room, she agrees and Samar Doshi and Pakhi take her to her room and go there and lay her on the bed only then you see that Anupama’s trio He sits near the child and he is crying a lot by sitting near him, only then Pakhi remembers that when he could not sleep at night.

So I used to say lullaby and make me sleep and then Pakhi also starts singing a lullaby and Anupama calms down and the mother of that Anupama also comes there and she also keeps telling us lullabies all the people of the house Being upset, what is happening to Anupama after the way, today’s episode ends here.

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