The present scene begins with Vanraj asking Kavya who is ringing ringer ceaselessly and upsetting them. He asks Kavya in the event that she has requested something. Kavya says no and ecides to check. Anupama rings the chime once more. Vanraj prevents Kavya from opening the entryway. He requests that her disregard. Ahead, Anupama asks lodging individual as who is remaining in the room. Inn man advises to Anupama that like her a few has booked special first night sweet as well. Anupama thinks she is pointlessly upsetting the couple.

Here, Samar gains from Nandini that she has swing fear. Samar asks Nandini to close her eyes and trust him. He causes her to sit on the swing. Nandini appreciates. Nandini falls and Samar underpins Nandini. Nandini has a sense of security in Samar’s arm. Paritosh and Kinjal come. Pair upsets them and requests that they accumulate in Leela’s room. Samar thinks he fears in defying his affection to Nandini.

Kavya. In the equal scene, Paritosh and Samar dance bizarre and Shah’s appreciate. There, Vanraj ball hit the dance floor with Kavya. Afterward, Shah’s play melodic pad game. Anupama dance on ‘moranii bhaga mama’. Everybody appreciates. Cart comes and educates that somebody is facilitating a terrific birthday gathering for his sweetheart underneath. Samar and Partiosh gets energized hearing that. Anupama and Leela dance on “London thumak da’ tune. Kavya says to Vanraj she is getting upset. Vanraj says family don’t have a clue how to remain in 5 star. He calls them ignorant. Vanraj calls through radio however neglects to hear Anupama. Rakhi thinks it is acceptable Vanraj is going with Kavya for sight visiting and will arrive behind schedule. She thinks tomorrow with her stunning astonishment, alongside Paritosh and Kinjal, Anupama and Vanraj’s wedding will get break as well. Vanraj chooses to thump the entryway. Kavya stops him and requests that he disregard and appreciate the occasion. Anupama thinks everybody is glad than why she is feeling anxious.

In the first part of the day, Shah’s plays the game together. Rakhi believes Shah’s are doing bizarre act. She recommend them playing snooker or badminton. Leela and Anupama consent to play badminton.

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